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Challenging book or case series / question format book for hospitalist medicine?

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Can anyone recommend a good book for IM/hospitalist PAs?  Preferably something challenging or maybe with Q&A or case series type format.  I have already completed the case series books, most of the "secrets series", the "challenging conundrums" case series and the books that go along with it, as well as the resident readiness series, and the Paul Cutler book.  Anyone have some good recommendations?

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Yeah Harrison's or Cecil's are both fine but I am hoping for something perhaps a little more clinical / practical and a little less academic, if anyone knows any such books?


Here is one good case series book: Clinical Care Conundrums: Challenging Diagnoses in Hospital Medicine.

That series also has "cardiology for hospitalist" and "neurology for hospitalist" which are not as good, probably over-priced, but worthwhile if you have extra CME.  They also have another case series with images book which is great but way over priced.


In case anyone doesn't know the Case Files, they have good series but are more PA-S based.


Any other suggestions?


Does anyone know any good Journal Club websites?


jwatch.org - concise summaries of important studies, but only about 1/5 are free, the others requiring a paid subscription (unsure if perhaps this will be free to view at work?)

If you google "NEJM clinical cases" you can view some free cases, also they have links to their articles typically free to view from work

Also if you google UNM Hospitalist journal club they have links to good articles and a blog.

Also the-hospitalist.org has some good articles but seems to focus mostly on policy


Anyone have others to add?  Or some good books?

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