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LOR technical problem

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I submitted my application at the end of May and it was verified shortly after that. I received an e-mail from a school I applied to around mid June saying that there was an issue with one of my references and that he would need to re-submit. Turns out the letter was completely blank when you  go to look at it.  He called CASPA and they said it was a technical issue and they would e-mail him so he could re-submit. A week goes by and nothing happens, I contact them again and they say there have been no updates. I call again today and they tell me since my application was verified he cannot resubmit it, (something they didn't tell me the other time I called). But they said that I can list him as a reference again with a different e-mail. The thing is that he was able to submit his reference letter back in early  May and it was "complete" and CASPA went ahead and verified my application with the reference, now they tell me that they can't? Hopefully listing him again will fix the problem. Has anyone else had this issue? It's been so difficult to get a hold of CASPA reps over the phone-so many times I couldn't even get through and I'm on hold for 20 minutes. Now the website hasn't been working for me the entire day today. 

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I am having a similar situation and I am curious as to how did you resolved this issue with the LOR ? Was your letter re-submitted?

My problem is a little bit more complicated with my LOR but I am concerned that schools will just ignore my application do to the problem with it and from CASPA there is no possible assistance to fix the situation.


I appreciate your help because I will like to make sure if is possible to correct a problem with the LOR directly with the schools.

Thank you

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