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Hey all,     I am a first year at SMU.  Life is good.     I don't have an answer about when the invites will come, I know the faculty is still going over the 3,000 apps that were submitted.  That's

Hi Kamala (and others),   Here are some things to think about when you get invited for an interview: - Definitely do mock interviews with a friend or colleague, ideally someone who has been involve

As far as I (current student, c/o 2017) know, last interview date is on 2/27. So there's still chance, people :) Good luck.

1. 11. 21. 31. 41. 51. 61.

2. 12. tflan 20. 32. 42. 52. 62.

3. 13. 23. alexis_86 33. 43. 53. 63.

4. 14. 24. 34. 44. 54. 64.

5. 15. 25. Wd33 35. 45. 55. PAinthePROCESS 65.

6. Emin_K 16. 26. ima4nspy 36. 46. 56. 66.

7. 17. 27. 37. 47. 57. 67. AB0813

8. 18. 28. 38. 48. 58.

9. 19. 29. k_irby 39. 49. 59.

10. 20. 30. 40. 50. 60.


So I made a list of all of us who posted that we are waitlisted and our numbers on the waitlist. Just to keep better track because who knows when we'll get another update. Feel free to add yourselves and repost as we get updates or the list moves :-)

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Has anyone not heard anything yet? I wasn't offered an interview and haven't rec'd a rejection either.

I haven't gotten a rejection letter either and I didn't get an interview. The last thing I heard back was in Jan 26 that my application is still active. Same for you?

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1.                             11.                            21.

2.                             12. tflan                    22.

3.                             13.                            23. alexis_86

4.                             14.                            24.

5.                             15.                            25. Wd33

6. Emin_K                16.                            26. ima4npsy 

7.                             17.                            27.

8.                             18.                            28.

9.                             19.                            29. k_irby

10.                           20.                            30.


Ok so here is a preview of the waitlist. My computer would only let me get to #30 without it looking funny again but I know PAinthePROCESS said they are #55 and AB0813 is #67. Anyone feel free to fix it or add themselves as we get updates and repost...or if anyone knows of any movement let us all know.


Question...I was looking at a prior forum thread for SMU that said people on the waitlist were bumped backward?? Is that really possible? That would be a BUMMER!     

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I know I'm out of the running for SMU this cycle due to how high my number is on the waitlist, but the email did say "numbers may shift a bit" and "numbers are very fluid", so I think its safe to assume anything is possible in regards to your spot on the list.

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