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Essay, tips appreciated

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My heart thunders in my chest and my breathing becomes more labored as I reach mile three, only half a mile left to go. The muscles in my legs are begging me to stop, “QUIT”   they say, “Just give up”. Yet, I must keep moving forward, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. Despite the pain I keep progressing, and am rewarded when the finish line hovers in my line of site. This is it! With the last ounce of strength I sprint thru the finish and cross the line victorious.

Running throughout my life has done more than serve as an outlet, or keep me focused . It has taught me that a race isn’t always about being the first to finish, but rather the only thing standing between you and that finish line is yourself. Applying this to my life, I’ve tried to constantly keep moving forward, always progressing towards a new goal. Each completed goal is not the finish, but rather a stepping stone towards my dream. For me this dream is becoming a Physician Assistant.

                My desire to work in healthcare originated from watching my nurse mother perform what seemed like healing miracles in my childhood. Always calm and collected, she dealt with bruised knees to the stomach flu without hesitation. Growing up, I hoped to one day possess the ability to heal people like my mom. However, nursing never seemed like the right fit. I wanted the ability to not only care for the patient, but the capacity to diagnose and design a plan to fix the problem. This need to be hands on in the patients healing led me to shadow a primary care physician, and by chance introduced me to becoming a physician assistant.

                Until shadowing a physician and her PA, I had never considered the PA profession. Yet, as I watched the PA work hands on with her patients, my interest in this field grew. The PA that sparked my interest was a woman that seemed as if she was always on a mission. Her passion for her profession showed in her work, and her go-to attitude and optimistic personality had allowed her to excel in a variety of areas. She not only worked in express care, but also was one of the leading occupational and family practice PAs at the hospital. Watching her, I realized that my own desire to constantly push forward and advance in new disciplines fit perfectly with this profession. Coupled with my ambition, and the possibility of growth as a PA, I knew I had found my dream career.

                Having set my sights on becoming a PA, I began volunteering my time at the local health clinic. For the first time I was exposed to the large amount of those less fortunate in my own community. Until volunteering, I didn’t realize the demand or the shortage for healthcare physicians. With such a large population of those in need, it’s hard for every patient to be seen, yet PAs are beginning to fill this gap. At our own clinic I have seen the difference that PAs can make, just by their ability to be the extension of physicians. With them we are able to see a greater number of desperate people, and this need is growing.  Turning people away from the clinic is something that is and will continue to be hard for me. I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare, and yet this is unfortunately sometimes not possible. Someday I hope that by becoming a PA, I can help communities like my own. I want to be that extra hand that means no one has to be turned away, the one that helps make that difference.

Besides volunteering at the clinic, working in the hospital for the past year has allowed me to see a variety of the medical field, and has continued to fuel my desire of becoming a PA. Each floor in the hospital is as unique as the patients they carry, and adapting to these different demands has allowed me versatility. Similar to how a primary care PA must adapt to every different need of their patient, I have learned to adapt to the difficulties when working within different areas of medicine. Floating from oncology, to ER, to mental health, and working on the surgical unit present different obstacles each day that have been overcome by working with those around me. By trusting every member of my team I have not only learned how to be a better caregiver, but have also learned the value of asking for help. Becoming a PA means forming strong relationships with those around you,  and that believing in your instincts are just as important as trusting the physician you partner with. I believe that my experiences of working with those around me for the betterment of the patient, will only add to my ability to someday forge other strong healthcare relationships and make me a stronger PA.  

Looking back on my journey so far, I am grateful for the events and experiences that have gotten me to where I am today. Some days I feel overwhelmed by what lies ahead, and the obstacles I will eventually face. Yet, my dream of becoming a PA is what motivates me to keep moving forward, and casts my doubts aside. I know that success takes hard work and dedication, and by putting one foot in front of the other, I plan on getting there.

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I really like your essay! I like the fact that you state without being negative why nursing isn't for you. One thing I would change a little bit is this sentence:


Running throughout my life has done more than serve as an outlet, or keep me focused . 


I might put: Throughout my life running has been more than an outlet to keep me  focused.


Other than that I really enjoyed reading your essay

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