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CASPA transcripts, do they recycle your profile from last year? even a little bit?

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This question is for second time appliers,,,

Does caspa renew/rebuild your profile based on transcripts from last year?  So could I just not send in that bad summer grades from a 

local community college?



I should never have reached out for it, I didn't know it was so bad, I remembered having a great time that summer 

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In the past (though not last year to this year due to the new version of CASPA), yes, CASPA will roll much of your information forward.  


Regardless, you do not have the option of excluding post-high school grades you aren't proud of ... That is considered a form of dishonesty and when it's discovered, and you should expect that it will be in today's interconnected world, you will suffer consequences which could leave you blacklisted from ever applying again to any PA school.  


Read the CASPA FAQ.


WARNING! Purposefully omitting an institution is a violation of the Professional Code of Conduct and may subject you to sanctions by PAEA.

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