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SA or SFA to PA??

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I am sitting at a fork in the road and thought I would throw this out to see what those with experience can weigh in . . .<O:p</O:p


I am a CNA - I work in surgery. After spending a few years on Cardiac floors I had the opportunity to move to surgery and love it!!! A Physician that I am good friends with has spoken to me about school on a number of occasions. At one point I was thinking about RN school but find RN's in surgery not really what I am looking for. <O:p</O:p


I was considering going to Surgical Assisting school to get my feet wet. I think it would give me a good foundation for PA school. Some SA and SFA I have talked to said why bother going to PA school when you can do everything but write orders and meds. Why have the extra added responsibility. <O:p</O:p


So I was wondering if there are any SA or SFA out there that went onto PA school. I think that being a PA would open many more doors and opportunities. SA and SFA are limited on their ability to bill Medicare and other insurance carriers . . . <O:p</O:p


Anyway - just thought I would throw this out there to see what others think. I am in the middle of finishing my BS right now so I am on track to do either. Well, actually I could go to SA/SFA school right now . . . but I want to keep striving for more. I love school and really am enjoying working towards my BS.


Just thought I would ask . . .


Thanks in advance!! :=D:




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