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Application Cycle 2015-2016

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Hi everyone,


First I would like to congratulate all who have been offered an interview. I wish you the best in the process! I actually came out last year for an interview and was waitlisted. Unfortuntely, I was not offered a spot last round. After experiencing the Alhambra campus and meeting with faculty and students, I grew to love the campus, faculty, and staff. Everyone was so great and welcoming! I have decided to re apply for this admissions cycle and USC is one of my top choices. My application is currently under review. I hope I am fortunate enough to receive another interview this cycle. I look forward to meeting with everyone again!


Best of luck to everyone!

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For those of you interviewing on 10/17, when did you submit your applications?  When was your fee processed?


My CASPA was verified  7/24

USC Supp Submitted 8/6

USC email notifying me that my app was complete and under review was received on 8/26

Interview Invite: 9/21

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At exactly 11:31 AM today.  Anyone else from our interview date get a call yet?  I really want to meet the rest of our class!


SAM!!! I was in your interview group--ITS ORIESA! I got in too! 


I got a call from Dr. Lohenry on Tuesday and I'm so stocked... and all I did was start yelling at the top of my lungs. AHHH!!!!

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For those who interviewed 10/17, have you all heard anything yet?


Nope! Dr. Lohenry said hopefully by Nov. 4.



I turned in my supplemental 1.5 weeks ago...still waiting on the application complete email. I'm not sure if I should email them to check in...thoughts?


It took about 3 weeks for me to receive the "app complete" email from USC after I submitted my supplemental, probably because your payment needs to be received/processed first. It wouldn't hurt to follow up, though; better safe than sorry! 

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