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CASPA Volunteer Contact Info - need advice

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I did a quick search on the forum and didn't find any post that pertains to my concern.  My apologies if similar questions were posted.   In CASPA, the contact info of supervisors and permission to contact them are asked.   I have volunteering experiences dating back to 10 years ago.  My early volunteering experience includes teacher's aide at a childcare center and English tutor for ESL students.  But I honestly don't remember the contact info of the supervisors.  And even if I have them, I doubt they will remember me well enough to speak highly of me.  They are not for my LORs, but I think that it would be nice to include as much volunteering experience as I can. 


I could try to google contact info of the supervisors IF they still work there.  But should I just omit the volunteering experinece since it's from so long ago and the supervisors prob don't remember me??  Do you think those early volunteering experiences are significant enough to even put on my application? 


Thank you for any suggestion / advice!

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