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So I didn't get into Touro this year and recently received a letter encouraging me to apply for the MPH program. I'm wondering if I should do the MPH while applying for PA school again. Do you guys think its worth it or would it be better for me to retake some classes I did bad in to raise my GPA that way and get more HCE as a EMT, which I'll be taking the National Registry for early next month.


Also, I'm currently on the wait list for one PA program, so there is still an off chance of me getting in for the fall.


Any thoughts?



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This is something I've been wondering about too and asked the director (Grace) about during the reapplicant info session last month. She told me that if I'm academically weak then it is better to retake classes to raise my GPA. however, she stressed the importance of making this a personal goal and wanting to retake the classes so we can get a better understanding of the course for our own knowledge, not retaking because someone told us it was better and would help us get into PA school.*


Basically, if u feel like u didn't get a good grade and want to go back and do It to understand the concept better (because it builds a foundation for the classes you take in PA school) then take those classes again or take upper division science classes that u havnt taken. But if u r more interested in getting an MPH then do that.*


Good luck!*

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My friend actually didn't get into PA school two years in a row. Then she went for the MPH at Touro and got into PA school in New Mexico right after she finished her MPH. I think it helps your application somewhat to have a master already but totally up to you. It does cost a lot more than retaking classes that's for sure.

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Yes i totally agree with PAMAC, why would Touro even suggest you go into their MPH program unless you requested information on it? I also think it's totally unfair how Touro gave us an estimated cost of attendance at the interview date which stated it would be about 45k a year but then when you actually accept thier offer to enter into their PA program, they send you an updated version and turns out it's going to be 63k a year! WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOOOO EXPENSIVE?

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