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Pediatric Surgery Fellowship at Texas Children's Hospital

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Hello all!


I am one of the current PA Fellows at Texas Children's Hospital.  I wanted to post on here to make myself available to answer any questions about our program or post-graduate training in general.  

We do a lot of promotion within the TCH marketing/hr world, so here are some of our postings: 






Also, feel free to follow us on twitter @TCHPAfellows


Most Sincerely, 


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I realize this thread is a few months old but hopefully you'll see it.  While I don't have a specific question about your residency program, I was hoping to pick your brain as far as study resources.  I recently started a pediatric surgery job and am looking for any good reference material.  I'll be covering pretty much the full spectrum once me and another new hire get up to speed (floor, OR, clinic).  I'm looking good resources mostly for the inpatient management of kids, but would love any input for what you or anyone else may feel is beneficial.  Thanks for any advice you can send my way.

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Could you please inform me what if any tests are conducted as part of the residency? 
At the end of the residency does one get any certification letter? acknowledgement?
Thanks in advance for your guidance.


Try reviewing the websites of the residencies you're interested in. Typically they will inform candidates on how their progress will be assessed, although exams at the end of each rotation is a common practice. They may even provide a handbook with detailed info. Also, review the APPAP's website on which programs give certificates at the end of the residency, if you're successful. Good Luck

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About half way done with this Peds surgical fellowship which is 12 months in length. For those interested in applying or gathering more information on it can PM me or don't hesitate to ask on this thread!


I was hoping to gain some insight from you if you don't mind! I really would just like a overall inside scoop into what it's like to be in the program. You know, like a day in the life lol. Any information would be great. I added some questions below but I know you're busy so don't feel obligated to answer them all. I'm just trying to get an idea. Thank you!!!


How long do you spend in each surgical specialty? 

Is this program ok for someone without surgical experience? 

How many hours per week do you work?/What's the schedule like? 

Would you recommend the program? 

Do you like it so far? 

What's the overall atmosphere of the program/what's it like working with the surgeons? 

Are there also interns and residents that you work with? 

Any advice? 

Is it really competitive to get into this fellowship?

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