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Just wanted to start a thread for the 2015-2016 application cycle. If you have any updates we would love to hear!

My still says under review but for those that have been rejected when was your application reviewed by them.

I am on the programs website right now and it has the dates that they will be interviewing which don't start until November so my guess is people will start getting invites in the next couple of weeks

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I was invited on Weds 12/9 to interview 2/8!


Can anyone who has interviewed there so far explain what sorts of Qs they ask and an overview of the overall day?


Looking forward to meeting you all. :)




My interview went like this: start with a short presentation on the program, then a presentation from financial aid, and then a brief introduction from faculty members. After that, we had (a really good) lunch with current students. After lunch, we went back and briefly introduced ourselves to the faculty. Then we had a tour of the facility (given by the program director). Then came the interviews. There were three separate interviews, each with one or two faculty members. The interviews are individual and lasted exactly ten minutes each. The questions were very straight forward--why do you want to be a PA, tell us about a time you worked as part of a team, how do you handle stress, that sort of thing. Everyone was very friendly and gracious. Nobody was trying to trip anyone up. 


They'll do two days worth of interviews (a week apart, I believe) and then meet to discuss candidates and make decisions. They told us on interview day exactly how/when we'd be notified of admissions decisions. I interviewed on 11/16, they interviewed again on 11/23, and I had my decision on 12/3.


Like everyone always says, just be yourself. And enjoy your day in spite of the stress.  

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Interviewing Monday 1/11. Does anyone who has already interviewed have any suggestions?


1. Relax and enjoy yourself. It's a nice place, they're nice people, and you'll get a nice lunch. May as well have a good time.


2. Be genuine.


3. Be ready to provide examples that demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses, rather than just saying what they are.  

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