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"Taking Patients" as an IC doing House Calls...GULP!

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So I cut a deal with a Doc 60/40 to see his Medicare Home Bound patients....He is desperate for my services. I'm also wanting to make him agree to let me keep these patients..I would be seeing them on initial visits and follow them as their PCP.  This helps me in getting my future new practice off the ground...I'll admit here that this is the brainy idea pf my accountant who feels strongly i should start my own service...I think he's crazy...Anybody else doing this?


Right now I'm just 1099 LLC doing house calls ...but really really looking into house calls with lots of interest out there but still trying to get around the ownership and medicare issues.


Thanks any insights helpful - entrepreneurial ventures are "fun"


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Hi Ventana

Yes please lets talk. Im in MD  - i think you already know these folks down here.  What is your suggestion to connect?  I am avail through AAHCM and 443-858-9401. 


Keeping patients  - meaning having in a limited non-compete -  I will need a clause to be able to know that those patients whom I care for have “patient choice” to follow me if they so choose; if I ever leave our partnership. 

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