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Assigning classes/grades to each school

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I can't get a clear answer from CASPA on assigning classes and grades to schools "Prerequisites" tab.  For example, a school requests a math class, minimum credits 3, minimum grades 2.  I'm not sure how to answer that as a 3 credit math class only has 1 grade assigned to it.  Help!  I would be devastated if my application was rejected by a school because of a clerical error.



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This would be much more clear if they simply added a .0 to that 2. Although it does say "Minimum grades" with an 's'. So still question whether that is a grade point number. Minimum grades: C? Not really grammatically correct. Minimum grade: C (2) would make much more sense.

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I have a question similar to this. If a school requires one general biology or one general chemistry course, is there a specific general chemistry we should choose? For example, I have taken general chemistry I and II, but I did significantly better in general chemistry II. Should I choose both of these courses, the first one I took, or the one I did the best in? 

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I'd pick the one you did better in. They will still see the other grade either way. I feel like it's more just a box to check that you clearly made all the requirements. So then they are not getting a bunch of useless applications. If they do calculate a pre req GPA off that then there ya go.


It's weird the school only needs 1 semester of each. Just make sure it doesn't say 1 year of the classes and/or 8cr hours. If it doesn't then that's awesome!

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