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Recruiters- What have been your experiences in dealing with them?

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Hey everyone- 


So I've been in the locum tenens recruiting space for awhile now, and have heard all kinds of stories regarding interactions between PA's and recruiters. For those who do locums, or even permanent positions, what have been your experiences with them? What do you expect out of your recruiters? Are they more friends to you, or just a part of the business? What tips do you have for recruiters to better understand you, and the industry as a whole? 

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I've had mixed experiences as well.


Before I graduated I worked with an ortho-only recruiter who was really good. He'd call me every few days with jobs---most of them high-paying---and got me in touch with several practice owners. He really had a good niche though. 


Since then I've gotten my jobs through want ads or word of mouth. I still get unsolicited calls from recruiters about once a week. Most of them get my contact info from job boards I registered for years ago. I don't usually call them back---I feel bad at times but I think that's the nature of cold-calling.


They are all polite, but to be honest most of them just aren't offering anything spectacular. They are typically pain management, occ med, or rural urgent care jobs anywhere but my home state (Colorado). 

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pretty bad on my end.


Had one or two good experiences with legit offers that were fair ($55/hour for a 1099 position is not fair, nor reasonable... and I don't need a 30 min lecture on why that is a good rate of pay....)


mostly they are ineffective middle men/women who really have no clue about medicine, but look at us as a cost center and something that lessens their profitability....



Their equation is simple,  They get paid X # of $ to get a PA, and try to drive our salary down to the lowest point to allow themselves more profit...





one small step above used car salespeople, or those telemarketers that always call at dinner time....


no thanks on my end

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Personally I have never used a recruiter. I do however get several un solicited  e-mails and multiple calls per month thou. Most times if I'm not busy I answer, mostly out of curiosity. All are very polite (of course they are trying to sell me something). in my experience recruiters are very elusive with answers. Where is the job located? well.......its in the north western/southwestern/etc.  US. wow! if we are including the ENTIRE northern hemisphere I guess that narrows it down a bit. does it include benefits? yeah..... but I don't have the details. what is the pay range? recruiters always have this answer, and its always a low ball offer. I can understand this as they are trying to "protect" their job posting and trying to increase their commission.


I have worked as a locums in the past. Myself and another PA worked as a team. We bypassed the recruiters/agencies and contacted the hospitals directly. We would either call or e-mail the admin. then f/u if needed. within 6 months we had admin people contacting us to see if we were available to work for them.


My point is recruiters (as others have said) are middle men/women. nothing more. I think they can be of value if you are moving a great distance. Same as your real estate agent.....but remember, they only get paid for closing the deal, not for how much the deal benefits you. You are the only person that has your best interest at heart.           

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