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Transitioning from Active duty PA to Civilian

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So I started looking around this site a few months ago because I'll be retiring from Active duty in the next few years and I wanted to get some idea of what it would be like.  I think I could easily transition into the VA or MEDDAC system and continue to treat Soldiers and family members.  It has its draw backs and benefits just like anything else and mostly for me it would be comfortable and familiar. 

I would prefer to stay in family medicine/general practice and am not really interested in ED or urgent care work.  I've pretty well lost interest in the trauma and dealing with broken bodies over the years. 


Has anyone recently transitioned? Or even not so recently left active duty to work as a PA? Sometimes I'm afraid that my blunt, direct, some call it lack of tact, approach may not be well suited for the civilian market. On the other hand I feel that candor and directness is a quality that I would want in a health care provider, I mean who wants a Doc/PA etc who beats around the bush when delivering bad news?


I fear that getting out into the "real world" of medicine may beat me down.  I read a lot on here about dealing with adiminstrations and unrealistic expectations of work hours, call time, other demands.  I'm not afraid of work but continuing to work 12+ hour days doesnt excite me.  Is this the exception or the norm?


Thoughts? advice? etc...



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I'm retiring and corrections doesn't really sound like my cup of tea.  I'm looking more for a family medicine, primary care type facility.  I may consider urgent care at some point but the more I do this stuff the more I like following patients and like the idea of moving somewhere and potentially following a patient throughout their life. 

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