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LOR and Printing a PDF

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I have a couple questions about what is locked and what isn't on the application once it is submitted. I looked at the FAQ's and what I wanted to know is not clear.


1.)  If I have an open spot for a letter of reference when I e-submit, will I be able to still fill it after it has been submitted?


2.) Is there anyway to create a PDF of my application. Last year you could. This year, I'm not finding how to.


Thanks so much!! I appreciate the feedback!


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I can't comment on your first question, but I believe I saw an earlier forum post that the ability to PDF the application isn't available until after you've done your initial submission.  


Suggest you email CASPA support for definitive direction.

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1. Your application can be submitted without any evaluations submitted but you will not move into a 'complete' status until at least two have been received. 


2. This ability will go live on June 29, 2015. This was not a part of the new system but the team had determined, via feedback, that this would be beneficial to add and they have worked very hard to get this up and running in the new system. 

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