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What is your most common diagnosis?

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"My stomach is bothering me"


"This cough won't go away"


"My joints hurt"


"Is there anything you can do for my fatigue?"


-Obese, non-compliant, polypharmacy, malingering, my cats don't even like me anymore patient.


So, pick a diagnosis code and I can fit it in there.


Jk, that's only 50% of the patients.

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uri/viral syndrome


back pain

dental pain


yup, 80% of what I see at my primary job would get better with tylenol and chicken soup.


if we were talking about my rural per diem jobs the list would look more like this:


chest pain




guess which job I like more...

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Work in Ortho. Here are the most common complaints...


1) I don't want to work

2) I'm allergic to all NSAIDs and weak pain meds. Only oxycodone/dilaudid works for my vague, chronic, subjective symptoms

3) Did I mention this is work related? Here's my work comp paperwork


Mix in a smattering of legit injuries and complaints.

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^^Amen to Mikey Boy.

Also: acute on chronic decompensated heart failure; COPD exacerbation; GI bleed in the anticoagulated; CVA vs TIA; hypertensive emergency (this is the Stroke Belt you know ); multisystem failure and still wants everything done; aversion to hospice and palliative care when most appropriate; every type of cancer but especially all those related to smoking; obesity-related health problems et al; frailty and needs placement.


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