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Submitting Transcripts

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When submitting transcripts, what is the easiest and the most accurate way of sending transcripts? My issues is I have three colleges to send them from (one of which is too far away). DId people just call the colleges and gave the registrar's office the address CASPA wants them sent to? Online? Went directly to the college? Or (what I am dreading and hoping I dont have to do) did you mail the Transcript Matching Form CASPA provides to each university you attended and waited for them to send the transcripts? I am worried about the amount of time this method will take.


Please provide some advice or tips. Share how sending transcripts have been for you. That would be so helpful! (is it absolute necessary that the transcript matching form is included with the official transcript?)



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I went to a large university for my undergraduate which has a really efficient means of sending transcripts via online. I was able to place an order for my transcripts online and at the same time fax them the CASPA transcript form. On a similar note, I took A and P after undergraduate at my home city's community college. They also had an electronic means to send transcripts and it worked similarly. In the end, this really depends on your school so I would contact your school to see how they send transcripts. 




Read and follow the instructions. 

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