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Measuring PA productivity

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Does anyone out there have good suggestions for measurement of PA productivity, especially when starting a new practice group? I am part of a new group of critical care PAs at a large academic medical center. We are hoping to expand our group by adding additional coverage with the goal of providing 24/7 coverage for the patients on our service. We are currently integrated with residents. Much of our work is not visible financially, as we do shared visits with the attendings (we are not paid based on RVUs). Much of our daily work is also cross coverage of resident patients. I am trying to provide our administration with some level of objective data of our economic impact. Any relevant studies or insider experience would be greatly appreciated! 

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we track productivity for our em pas on both pts/hr and RVUs/hr.

If a PA sutures a lac or does another procedure on a pt primarily managed by one of the docs they write an independent note and sign the chart in addition to the doc so they get credit for everything they do.

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We write independent notes for our own procedures and bill for those as well. Because we provide a lot of cross coverage, I'm looking for measurements that focus on quality of care rather than RVUs. We've considered looking at financial impact for our ICU as a whole (decreased lab utilization, preventions of catheter associated infections, etc.) but I'm also really interested in looking at quality of care measures that aren't focused solely on finances. 

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This has been an ongoing issue for PAs like yourself. Very tricky indeed. Would love to hear some good input, we have this issue too. "Freeing up the docs" is what we're stuck with outside of the notes and patients everyone knows we saw.

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need to bill for your own procedures


no longer be invisible to the billing department - 


there is NO other way to demonstrate your worth and show your value

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    • By Alojamora
      Hi everyone!
      3 years in Derm. 
      Right now : 
      1. Part time pay $57.50 an hour no benefits except 401k he’s putting in 3%. Only PA in solo practice. One time bonus in December of $1,500. Pays for all CME activities no cap, but does not pay accommodations or other expenses. 
      2. Work 20-25 hours a week. I tally about 60 patients a week and sometimes less. 
      3. I Do some cosmetics 
      4. I was offered productivity based salary at first, had no Derm experience but I declined because I was brand new to practice. Worked IM 3 years before starting. 
      same base salary : part time hourly $57.50
      productivity: net Collections first year 3%, 2nd year 4% and 3rd year 5%  above 200k. Reports quarterly but collected and calculated from Whole practice 
       30% in cosmetic procedures 
      Same benefits as above 
      Any thoughts?
    • By dazzle123
      hi everyone, I just accepted a new job offer for PA position which I am incredible excited about.  My current job has very long and detailed contract (17 pages).  A good portion of my salary is paid out in quarterly productivity bonuses, which ends up amounting to ~1/3 of my salary.  I received the amount for my most recent productivity bonus (aug/sept/oct), with it cced to payroll stating it will go into my next paycheck (which is unfortunately not until Dec 1).  The minimum notice I have to give my current job is 30 days.  However, I was hoping to give more time (6 weeks) as I know they will probably need to hire another employee.  I am unsure if I should give my notice before I actually receive my bonus in my paycheck.  In my contract it states  "Payments to the productivity structure will be made during the tenure of your employment with the P.C. No monies under the incentive structure will be due to you, from the day you leave the PC."  I am assuming that means after I leave the practice I will not be eligible for the remaining funds.  My last date of employment would not be until January 5th (which if needed I can extend as my start date is not until Jan 15).  My gut is telling me to wait, but I unfortunately let my boss know I was hoping to speak with him.  I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience with this as it is a substantial amount of money.  Also, if anyone has any useful tips on giving notice it would be greatly appreciated.  I have done it once before, however this time my nerves and anxiety are very high.  Probably since I have been at my current job for a lot longer than the previous and have this sense of guilt about leaving (although I know I am not doing anything wrong). Thanks you so incredibly much in advance. 
    • By Heidi1234
      I am an ortho PA for a large hospital owned ortho group. I was hired 3 1/2 years ago to work with a specific surgeon. As the PA's in the group have increased, the management team is looking at our salaries and seeing that we don't make enough RVU's to cover our salary. The only ones who are doing so, work for total joint surgeons. My surgeon does maybe 1 total a week and mostly outpatient surgeries that some can bill for me and some can't. Since the surgeon gets paid based on RVU's (and I get paid a salary from the hospital), he does not want me to do things that can be billed. Therfore, I am seeing all postop's, injections, and fracture follow-ups. There is no way I can make my salary in RVU's if I am not seeing many billable patients.
      Does anyone have any advice on how to track our productivity that is not RVU based?
      Other ortho PA's - are you paid by the hospital or surgeon? Do you have issues with "making your salary?"
      Thanks in advance.
    • By MrsPA2u
      loaded question: Derm position--but I would just like to understand from a general standpoint
      My contract states "will be compensated at a rate equal to 15% of collections above 150k per annum" I've seen many posts that include some variation of this, although I don't exactly understand how it works.
      Specifically, how is it measured?
      What expenses are included (office visits, procedures, products, etc)
      When Is the bonus "typically" paid out to you? (I know my contract says per annum)
      But should it be EACH time I generate collections above 150K?
      How realistic is it to reach that mark as a new grad?
      Is the bonus amount tax free?
      And shouldn't I always be allowed access to my productivity data?
    • By ScienceisAmazin
      I've just received an offer from an independent clinic that includes a base salary + productivity bonus. When asking about what that bonus may add, HR said one experienced PA has pulled in $40k more. I asked for how this number is calculated and was told, "RVU calculations are taken from the standard CMS format."
      Despite looking online for examples, I'm not sure what this means practically. I am a new grad, so I understand my focus will be on learning and not productivity for at least the first 6-12 months. But, being reasonable for my first year, should I expect this to bring in an extra $500? $5k? $15k? I have no idea how much this may influence my salary and would love any guidance or perspective you all may have.
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