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Undergrad School: Capital University

Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.96

Science Undergrad GPA: 3.94

Age at application time: 20

GRE: (2018) V- 148 (41%) Q- 149 (32%) W- 4.5
Healthcare experience: Oncology/Hospice PCA - 550 hours 

Shadowing: 45 hours - Family Medicine PA, 45 hours Orthopedic Surgery PA

Awards: President's List (5 semesters)

LOR: 2 from PAs and 1 from my anatomy professor

Schools Applied: Alderson Broaddus University, Johnson and Wales, Baldwin Wallace, Lynchburg, Salus, Wingate

Application Submitted and Verified: 10/17/2018

Interview Invites: BW, AB, Lynchburg

Withdrew Application: Lynchburg

Denied: Johnson and Wales, Salus, Wingate

Accepted: AB and BW

Attempts: 1

Going to BW!

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Undergrad Ed School: Northern Arizona University

Major: Biomedical Science B.S. & Psychology B.S.

Minor: Chemistry

 Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.69

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.60

Age at application time :23


1st GRE: 157 Verb, 157 Quant, 4.0 Analytical Writing

Direct Patient Care : (type and hours, Dialysis Technician ~800 hours, PT Tech ~600 hours)

HCE: Medical Scribe in GI, FM, IM, OB/GYN ~1500 hours, ED volunteer in college ~500 hours 

Extracurricular/Research Activities: ~300 hours in Lyme Disease research with professor who taught my infectious disease course, ~450 hours research project with health psych professor, chemistry TA from freshman-senior year, worked at NAU’s veteran financial aid office for three years, Pre-PA club 3+ years, Club Med 2+ years, Best Buddies Club 2 years, summer math/science tutor for predominately 1st generation college students, served at a restaurant 20+ hours a week junior/senior years

Awards/Scholarships: Lumberjack scholarship (full tuition scholarship), Dean’s list (7 semesters), research award at campus symposium from psych research project

LORs: Biochem professor, Gen chem professor I was a TA for, a PA, and an MD

Shadowing: GI PA (15 hours), CT surgery PA (20 hours), FM PA (25 hours)

Schools Applied: Baylor, NAU, University of Colorado, LSU NOLA, Touro NV, Midwestern AZ, Cornell, Pacific University, South University GA, Arcadia PA, Barry Miami, UC Davis, George Washington University

Application Submitted Date: 05/28/18

Interview Invites: Baylor (attended), NAU (attended), University of Colorado (attended), LSU NOLA (attended), Touro NV (attended), Midwestern AZ (attended), Cornell (declined), Pacific University (declined), South University GA (declined), Arcadia PA (declined), Barry Miami (declined)

Denied after interview: LSU, CU

Denied without interview: UC Davis, GWU

Waitlisted: NAU (still have high hopes), Baylor

Accepted: Touro Nevada, Midwestern AZ


Attending: TBD

Time Applying: First

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On 3/13/2018 at 9:37 AM, britt1022 said:

Undergrad Ed School: Texas A&M University
Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.39
Science Undergrad GPA: 3.51

Age at application time: 26

GRE: 1st attempt (2014): V- 149 (41%) Q- 148 (32%) W- 3.0 (15%)


         2nd attempt (2017) V- 154 (64%) Q-152 (47%) W- 4.0 (59%)

Healthcare experience: Medical scribe ~3400 hours in Internal Medicine; ICU Health Unit Coordinator ~400 hours; Family Medicine Clinic volunteer ~40 hours; Physical Therapy Clinic volunteer ~800hours


Shadowing: 400 hours shadowing neurosurgeon PA; 5 hours shadowing ENT PA


Awards: Dean's List (1 semester), Distinguished Student (2 semesters)


LOR: 2 MDs, one from my manager, and 1 from occupational health manager from a clinic that I worked at.


Schools Applied: South University (Savannah and Tampa), Oklahoma City University, Baylor, Gardner Webb, UTMB, UT Southwestern, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Wichita State, UNTHSC, Barry University (Miami), Hardin Simmons, Wingate-Hendersonville, South College


Application Submitted Date: 6/1/17


Application Verified: 6/1/17

Interview Invites: Wingate-Hendersonville, Hardin Simmons, Barry University-Miami

Denied: Gardner Webb, Oklahoma University, Baylor, UTMB, UT Southwestern, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Wichita State, UNTHSC

Withdrew Application: South College

Waitlisted: Wingate-Hendersonville, Hardin Simmons


Attempts: 4th



I'm so excited to finally post in this forum! This was my 4th time applying to PA school. It has been a very long journey to get here but I finally did it! Don't get me wrong there were times where I wanted to give up and try something else but I knew being a PA was what I wanted to do with my life. I hope my journey will inspire others who are in my shoes to keep applying to PA school. Retake courses you didn't do well in and/or retake the GRE. Just keep improving your application where you can. One day you will get accepted. Dont give up!! 

May I ask how you improved your GRE scores?

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