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I was having some trouble telling how competitive my application was so I definitely applied to too many schools but it all ended up working out and I could not be any more excited!!

Undergrad Ed School: Western Washington University
Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.57
Science Undergrad GPA: 3.62

Age at application time: 22

GRE: V 159 Q 159 W 4.0

LOR: 1 MD, 1 DO, 2 professors


ED Scribe – 216 hours

Alcohol and drug abuse educator – 456 hours

Family practice scribe – 1050 hours

EMT training – 20 hours

Internship at a Spanish speaking clinic in Central America – 480 hours

Family practice MD shadowing – 40 hours

Cardiology PA shadowing – 112 hours



Homeless population outreach through university – 1500 hours

Gym attendant – 1080 hours

Windsurf instructor – 320 hours

Anatomy TA – 80 hours

Schools Applied to: (25)

University of California Davis, Butler University, South University Savannah, Oklahoma City University, Our lady of the Lake College, South university Richmond, Cornell University, Northern Arizona University, Pacific University, Stanford University, Arcadia university, Chatham University, Le Moyne College, Lock Haven University, Midwestern University (Downers Grove), Midwestern University (Glendale), University of Findlay, University of St. Francis, Idaho State University, Marshall B. Ketchum University, University of Southern California, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine, SUNY Upstate Medical Center, University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne)

 Interview Invites I declined: (13)

Rosalind Franklin U, South University (GA), Weill Cornell, Midwestern University Downers Grove, SUNY, Upstate Medical center, Our Lady of the Lake College, Lock Haven University, University of St. Francis (Fort Wayne), Chatham University, Oklahoma City University, University of Findlay, Le Moyne College

No interview offer: (6)

Butler University, UC Davis, University of Southern California, Stanford, Northern Arizona University, Marshall B. Ketchum University

Interview Invites I attended: (6)

University of St. Francis (NM), South University (VA), Arcadia University (PA), Idaho State University, Pacific University, Midwestern University (AZ)

Denied post-interview:

Waitlisted post-interview:

Arcadia U, Pacific U, Idaho State University


South University (VA), University of St. Francis (NM)

Midwestern University class of 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

Attempt: 1st

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Undergrad Ed School: Georgia College and State University

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.6

Low Point: 2.6

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.6

Low Point: 2.44

Last 64: 4.0 (actually last ~80 hours)

Age at application time : 24


1st GRE: ~300 and I think 4.0 or 4.5


Direct Patient Care : ~5,000 as an army medic and as an ER Tech


Extracurricular/Research Activities: NCUR/ACSM presenter and worked as a tutor for a ton of different subjects after I started doing well in classes


Schools Applied: 8 (UC Davis, Thomas Jefferson, PCOM-GA, Pacific University, Rutgers, South Alabama, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and Duke)


Application Submitted Date: Early July


Schools Received Application Date: July


Interview Invites: 3 (PCOM-GA, UAB, and Rutgers)


Denied: 2 ( Pacific University and UC Davis)


Withdrew Application: Duke, Rutgers, and South Alabama


Waitlisted: None


Accepted: PCOM (September) and UAB (October)

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Undergrad Ed School: Michigan State University

Major: Nutritional Sciences with a minor in Bioethics

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.68

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.56

Age at application time : 21

GRE: 153 V, 153 Q, 4.5W


Direct Patient Care : ~850 at time of application as a CNA in long term care and in a hospital


Extracurricular/Research Activities: 2 Medical brigades in Honduras, lots of other volunteering (~100 hours total), E-board of 2 clubs, ~40 hours shadowing PAs, MDs, and NP

Letters of Rec: 3 (1 professor, 1 RN supervisor from the hospital, 1 PA I shadowed regularly)

Schools Applied: Arcadia (Glenside), Barry (Miami), Butler, Kettering, Midwestern, Ohio Dominican, Rosalind Franklin, St. Francis (Fort Wayne), Detroit Mercy, Grand Valley, Eastern Michigan


Application Submitted Date: Mid June


Interview Invites: 2 (Arcadia, Ohio Dominican)


Denied: Butler, St. Francis, Grand Valley, Eastern Michigan


Withdrew Application: None 


Waitlisted: Arcadia


Accepted: Ohio Dominican



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Undergrad Ed School: University of Pittsburgh, December 2017 
Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.54
Science Undergrad GPA: 3.47


prerequisites still in progress: None that are needed for PA school, just finishing 15 credits for my degree

Age at application time: 21

GRE: V- 152 (55%) Q-160 (76%) W- 4.0 (59%)

Healthcare experience: EMT~ 980 hours for a private company 


Shadowing: 15 hours shadowing an ER PA 


Awards: Deans List x3


LOR: The PA I shadowed, a professor, and my boss who is a paramedic 

Schools Applied: South University- Savannah, Tampa, Richmond, Philadelphia University, Nova- All four, Arcadia - Glenside, Midwestern University-Downers Grove, Lock Haven University, University of St. Francis-Albuquerque, Marietta College 


Application Submitted Date: 5/23/17

Application Verified: 5/23/17

Interview Invites: Lock Haven University, University of St. Francis, Arcadia University-Glenside, Nova Southeastern: Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, and Jacksonville

Denied: South Richmond, South Savannah, Philadelphia U, University of St. Francis, Nova Ft. Lauderdale

Withdrew Application: will update

Waitlisted: Arcadia University, Nova Ft. Myers 

Accepted: Nova Ft. Myers and Nova Jax!

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My academic history is far from perfect. Had a string of Cs and one F early on and worked diligently to turn a sub 2.0 GPA into a 3.3. I also applied late in the cycle with microbiology, genetics, and organic chemistry pending, which I just finished a few days ago. This cycle was a "Hail Mary" for sure. If I can do it, anyone can.

Undergrad Ed School: American Military University, post-bacc at University of Central Florida

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.30

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.22

Post-bacc GPA: 3.50

Age at application time : 32

1st GRE: 155Q, 158V, 4.5W

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours): about 15,000 as an Air Force medic in various settings

Extracurricular/Research Activities: Volunteer medical coverage as EMT for several marathons and other events. Deployed to Ethiopia and a few other medical trips abroad here and there.

Schools Applied: Nova Southeastern - Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, and Orlando, Barry, UF, and Florida Gulf Coast University

Application Submitted Date: August 10, Verified August 11

Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date): August 11

Interview Invites: Nova - Jacksonville, FGCU, Barry St. Pete

Denied: UF, Nova Ft Myers, Nova Orlando

Withdrew Application: N/A

Waitlisted: Barry St. Pete (didn't know the interview was for a waitlist spot *shrug*)

Accepted: Nova - Jacksonville, FGCU

Attending - Nova Jax

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Undergrad Ed School: University of FL.........Major: Health Science

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.38

**upward GPA trend: Junior and Senior Year GPA: 3.9 

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.37

Age at application time: 22

GRE: V 152, Q 153, AW 4.0

Direct Patient Care: 

1. Phlebotomist (300 hours) 

2. Medical Assistant (800 hours)

Extracurricular/Research Activities:

1. Student Pre-Health Organization, served as Fundraising Coordinator and Internal Vice President 

2. Medical Mission Trip to Guatemala 

3. Volunteering: roughly 150 hours 

4. Shadowed several PAs (50 hours) and Internal Medicine MD (50 hours)

LOR (4): MD, PA, Professor (who is also my advisor), Faculty Advisor for Student Org (also my research professor) 

Schools Applied: Barry University (Miami campus), FSU, FIU, NOVA Orlando, Nova Ft. Laud, Methodist, Thomas Jefferson, PCOM (ATL campus), Temple 

Application Submitted Date: 7/25

Schools Received Application Date: (approximate date) it was all scattered, depending on the school. 

Interview Invites: FSU, Temple, FIU & Barry

Declined Interview Invite: FIU & Barry

Denied: Thomas Jefferson 

Withdrew Application: N/A

Waitlisted: N/A 

Accepted: FSU, Temple, NOVA Orlando 

Attending: Temple!! (1st choice) 

Attempt: 1st

I thought that my application wasn't that stellar but I took a chance and applied anyways and I still got into 3 wonderful schools. It is possible, trust me!!!

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Undergrad Ed School: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Major: Biology

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.64

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.60

Age at application time: 23

GRE: 285

Direct Patient Care: 

1080- Medical Assistant at a Family Clinic

400- Diabetes point of care testing at an underserved clinic  

100- Phlebotomist

50- Health Educator

Total: 1580 Hours

Health Care experience:

960- Zika Public Health

Total: 960


200- Volunteering at hospitals and free health expos and other events for my Pre-pa club

Total: 200

Shadowing: 30 hours PA



Letters of Rec: 4. 1 professor, 1 Supervisor Medical Assistant, 1 occupational therapist assistant, 1 Lead Epidemiologist

Schools Applied:  University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, University of Texas Medical Branch, University of Texas Southwest, University of Wisconsin- Madison, Oklahoma City University, MCPHS

Application Submitted Date: Early July

Interview Invites: 3 University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Oklahoma City University, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Denied w/o interview: MCPHS

Rejected after interview: Oklahoma City University  

Withdrew Application: None 

Waitlisted: None

Accepted: University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Attempt: 2nd  

My GRE was very low but still got interviews and I got accepted. I try to have a different background compare to other people, such as having experience working public health in epidemiology. I also got very familiar with my local PA program and helped them volunteering as a patient stimulation. I also join many organizations and attended conferences like AAPA, TAPA, JCASPA and my local Pre-PA club

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Undergrad Institution: California State University, Long Beach

Major: Health Science

Age at time of application: 28

Cumulative GPA: 3.63

Science GPA: 3.83

GRE: V: 151, Q: 150, AW: 5.0

Direct patient care: 1159 hours at the time of application as a Phlebotomist. Also completed Clinical Care Extender Program for 320 hours.

Volunteer: Volunteered at a hospice (280 hours), Walk to End Alzheimer's (8 hours), Academic Mentor at Long Beach BLAST (21 hours).

Research: Research Assistant at CSULB Center for Health Equity Research where we brought health equity to underserved and at-risk populations throughout southern California (105 hours).


Family Medicine, M.D: 41 hours

Otolaryngology, M.D: 26 hours

Otolaryngology, PA-C: 34 hours

Cardiothoracic Surgery, PA-C: 37 hours

Extracurricular: Teaching Assistant for General Microbiology Laboratory

Memberships: American Academy of Physician Assistants 

Schools Applied (15):

1. Barry University

2. Duke University Physician Assistant Program

3. Elon University

4. Florida Gulf Coast University

5. Keiser University

6.  Campbell University

7. Medical University of South Carolina

8. Nova Southeastern University, Orlando

9. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Myers

10. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale

11. Nova Southeastern University, Jacksonville

12. South University (GA)

13. University of Alabama at Birmingham

14. University of Florida

15. University of South Alabama

Attempt: First

Denied: University of Florida, Duke University, MUSC

Attended Interviews: Nova Orlando, Nova Jacksonville, Nova Fort Myers,

Offered Interviews But Did Not Attend: Keiser University, Barry University, Elon University, South University (GA) and University of South Alabama.

Acceptances: Nova Jacksonville and Nova Fort Myers.

Attending: Nova Jacksonville !

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Undergrad Ed School: University of California – San Diego

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.76

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.79

Age at application time: 23


GRE: Verbal - 159, Quantitative - 164, Writing - 5

Direct Patient Care: TMS Technician - 1,995 hours

Health Care Experience: Personal Caregiver - 116 hours, Hospital Intern - 312 hours

Leadership: Lead Technician – 840 hours, Treasurer of Pre-PA Student Org – 144 hours

Volunteer: Mentor - 30 hours, Various – 56 hours

Shadowing: 113 hours (Neurology and Psychiatric PAs)

Extracurricular Activities: Polynesian Dancer – 615 hours

Letter of Rec: 1 PA, 1 MD, 1 other (person that I am personal caregiver for)


Schools Applied (in order of application submission): 7 – University of California - Davis, Rush University, Touro University California, Touro University Nevada, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), University of New Mexico (UNM), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)

Application Submitted Date: 6/18/17 – 8/28/17

Withdrew Application: 2 - Touro University California, University of New Mexico (UNM)

Interview Invites: 4 - University of California - Davis, Touro University Nevada, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)

Declined Interview Invite: 1 - University of California - Davis

Denied: 1 – Rush University

Waitlisted: 0

Accepted: 3 - Touro University Nevada, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)

Attending: University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)! First choice school

Attempt: 1st

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Undergrad Institution: University of California, Davis

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Age at time of application: 23 (turned 24 during interview process)

Cumulative GPA: 3.63

Science GPA: 3.54

GRE: Verbal-157, Quantitative-165, Writing- 4.5

Direct patient care: 2,800 hours back office MA (pediatrics, orthopedics) at time of application

Volunteer: 120 hours at university medical center in pediatrics and ED, 30 hours at local food bank, trip to Costa Rica for one week to volunteer in medical field

Research: none 

Shadowing: 16 hours with various MDs and PAs, worked with PAs in orthopedics 

Extracurricular: member of sorority, member of honor society, member of dance group, employee on campus, math and chemistry tutor

Schools Applied (10): OHSU, Stanford, Midwestern AZ, USC, UC Davis, Western, Touro NV, NAU, Loma Linda, Marshall B. Ketchum

Attempt: second

Denied: OHSU, Stanford, USC (haven't heard back) 

Interviews: Touro NV, Midwestern AZ, Western, UC Davis, Loma Linda (declined), Marshall B Ketchum (declined), NAU (declined)

Waitlisted: Midwestern AZ

Accepted: Touro NV, Western, UC Davis

Attending: UC Davis, my top choice!!!

My first time around, I only applied to 4 schools with just over 1,000 hours of HCE.  This time, my extra year of experience made a HUGE difference.  If you're fresh out of school, know that it may take you several years to get to where you want to be, but it's worth the wait.

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Undergrad Ed School: University of Central Florida, c/o 2016

Major: Health Sciences, Pre-Clinical

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.44

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.62

Age at application time: 23

GRE: Verbal 154 (64%), Quantitative 155 (59%), Analytical Writing 5.0 (93%) Took 2 attempts.

Direct Patient Care: ER Scribe - 1100 hours, Certified Nursing Assistant - 400 hours, Patient Care Technician - 700 hours

Extracurricular/Research Activities: Microbiology teaching assistant. A summer internship with children with neuromotor disabilities. Volunteered in the ER and non-profit medical clinic. No research.

Shadowing: Nephrology PA- 70 hours, Hematology/Oncology PA- 100 hours, ER physician- 70 hours

LOR: 1 Cardiothoracic Surgery PA, 1 Emergency Physician, 1 Emergency Physician/Chief of Staff, 1 Nurse Manager, 1 Microbiology Professor

Schools Applied: Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft Myers), Keiser University, Barry University (Miami)

Attempt: 1st

Application Submitted Date: 5-06-17

Schools Received Application Date: 5-11-17

Interview Invites: All six! Declined Barry University

Denied: Jacksonville (Did not put in full effort due to initial acceptance to another school. Don't do this!)

Waitlisted: NSU Orlando, NSU Fort Lauderdale 

Accepted: Keiser University, Nova Fort Myers, Nova Fort Lauderdale

Attending: Nova Southeastern University- Fort Lauderdale (TOP CHOICE!)

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Undergrad Institution: CUNY- Hunter College

Major: Biochemistry

Age at time of application: 22 

Cumulative GPA: 3.89

Science GPA: 3.82

GRE: Verbal-148 (38%) Quantitative-154 (55%), Writing- 4.0 (59%)

Direct patient care: 2184 EMT-B

Volunteer: 20 hrs nursing home in Costa Rica, 104 hrs in Emergency Department

Research: none 

Shadowing: 30 hours with different PAs

Extracurricular: none

Schools Applied (13): Northeastern, Cornell, Pace, Rutgers, Arcadia, George Washington Univ, Hofstra, Lock Haven, New York Institute Of Technology, Rush University, University of New England, Desales, Johnson & Wales

Attempt: First

Denied: Cornell, Rutgers, Arcadia, Desales, GWU

Interview Invites: Northeastern, Pace, Hofstra, Lock Haven, NYIT, Rush, University of New England, Johnson & Wales

Interviews attended: Rush Univ, Lock Haven Univ, Northeastern Univ

Waitlisted: Rush Univ

Accepted: Lock Haven Univ, Northeastern Univ

Attending: Northeastern University

Yes this process is incredibly excruciating, exhausting, stressful, all the above. However, the moment you get that first acceptance, something I can't put into words.

Keep working hard. Eyes on the prize!!!! Good luck everybody   1


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Undergrad Institution: University of Texas at Dallas

Major: Literary Studies/Art

Age at time of application: 32

Cumulative GPA: 3.96

Science GPA: 3.91

GRE: Verbal-165 (96%) Quantitative-161 (78%), Writing- 4.5 (82%)

Direct patient care: ~4000 (overseas public health program, treating parasitic infections)

Volunteer: 2 years with Peace Corps, 1 year as a Team Leader with AmeriCorps

Research: none 

Shadowing: none

Extracurricular: Destination Imagination (creative problem solving), Labrador Rescue foster

Schools Applied (7): Emory, GWU, UAB, Colorado, Baylor, Midwestern-IL, Midwestern-AZ

Attempt: First

Denied: Emory, GWU, UAB, Colorado, Baylor

Interview Invites: Midwestern-IL, Midwestern-AZ

Interviews attended: Midwestern-AZ

Waitlisted: none

Accepted: Midwestern-AZ

Attending: Midwestern-AZ

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Undergrad Ed School: University of Vermont

Major: Biology, minor in Chem

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.39

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.22

Last 60 cGPA: 3.8

Age at application time : 22/23

GRE: V: 150 (48%) Q: 156 (62%) AW: 4.0 (60%)

Direct Patient Care : 500 ER tech, 3,000 Medical Assistant 

Volunteer/Community Service: Farmworkers clinic, Strides against breast cancer and Relay for life: total ~400hrs

HCE: Research Assistant in ED

Shadowing: Plastics PA, Derm PA, Peds doctor, Nephrology doctor

LOR: 1 doctor, 1 professor, 1 manager

Schools Applied (11): Stony brook, Case Western, SUNY upstate, UNE, Cornell, Roslind Franklin, GWU, MGH, MCPHS, PCOM, Utah

CASPA submitted: May 23

CASPA Verified: May 31

Interview Invites: Stony Brook, Case Western, MGH, SUNY upstate (turned down invite)

Denied: Utah, UNE, Cornell, Roslind Franklin, PCOM, MCPHS, GWU

Waitlisted: Stony Brook, MGH (both pending)

Accepted: Case Western

Attempts: second

My advice: Apply early! I applied late last cycle (late august) and didn't receive any invites. The only other differences between the two cycles were that my PCE and volunteer hours increased. 

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Undergrad Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Major: Biology

Age at time of application: 21

Cumulative GPA: 3.56

Science GPA: 3.48

GRE: Verbal-163 (92%) Quantitative-159 (73%), Writing- 4.5 (82%)

Direct patient care: ~400 Hours (As a CNA in the rehab wing of a skilled nursing facility)

Volunteer: Assorted 5Ks, environmental clean-ups, elementary school festivals

LOR: 1 shadowing PA, 1 Professor, 1 Lab Supervisor

Research: 190 hours in a lab studying spliceosome complexes

Shadowing: 40 hours with a family practice PA, 15 hours with some general pediatric surgeons

Extracurricular: Alpha Epsilon Delta pre-health society for 7 semesters

Schools Applied (5): Rosalind Franklin, Philadelphia University, Baylor, UTMB, UNTHSC

CASPA submitted: July 16

CASPA Verified: July 24

Attempt: First

Denied: Rosalind Franklin, Baylor (initially waitlisted to interview), Philadelphia (assumed; havent heard anything since I applied)

Interview Invites: UTMB, UNTHSC

Interviews attended: UTMB, UNTHSC

Waitlisted: UTMB, UNTHSC

Accepted: UNTHSC (accepted off the waitlist)

Attending: UNTHSC

I know I dont have a lot of HCE, but I made a point of saying in my personal statement that as soon as I realized I wanted to be a PA, I enrolled in a CNA course and got a job and continued working for the rest of my undergrad. I think that showed how serious I was, and probably helped me get my interviews. I love UNT's program and I couldn't be happier about attending there this summer!


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@Mantenso Your stats look great. Any idea why those other schools weren't interested? Seems crazy.

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30 minutes ago, DarcyJ said:

@Mantenso Your stats look great. Any idea why those other schools weren't interested? Seems crazy.

Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk

None of the schools gave me any details as to why, but I believe it was either my atypical HCE or the fact that I had two prereqs in progress at the time of my application (though all the schools I applied to stated that it was ok on their admissions page, so long as it wasn't more than two). I think I just applied a bit too prematurely.

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Undergrad Ed School: Penn State University, University Park

Major: Biobehavioral Health

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.75

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.68

Age at application time: 20

GRE: Did not take

Direct Patient Care: 

814 hours - EMT at a sleepover summer camp

70 hours - Physical Therapy Aide

60 hours - EMT in local town

Total: 944 hours

Health Care experience:

176 hours - EMT paperwork at a sleepover summer camp

400 hours - Quality Assurance and Operations Pharmaceutical Intern 

Total: 576 hours total


220 hours - Penn State Dance MaraTHON Volunteer

100 hours - Penn State Homecoming Volunteer

250 hours - Penn State Homecoming Captain

300 hours - Sorority Committees

70 hours - Recruitment Counselor

Total: 940 hours

Research: 190 hours - Team lead on college well being project

Teaching Experience: 288 hours - Intro to Physiology Lab Teaching Assistant

Shadowing: 48 hours (~40 hours FM PA, ~8 hours GI PA)


Alpha Epsilon Delta (National Health Preprofessional Honor Society)

Letters of Rec: 4 - 1 Research Lab Professor, 1 Teaching Assistant Supervisor, 1 PA, 1 RN

Schools Applied: 10 - PCOM GA, PCOM PA, Thomas Jefferson University, MCPHS Boston, Slippery Rock University, West Liberty University, Philadelphia University, Lipscomb University, CUNY School of Medicine, Franklin Pierce University 

Application Submitted Date: July 13

Interview Invites: 7 - PCOM PA, PCOM GA, Thomas Jefferson University, Slippery Rock University, Lipscomb University (did not attend), CUNY School of Medicine (did not attend), Franklin Pierce University (did not attend)

Denied w/o interview: 3 - MCPHS Boston, Philadelphia University, West Liberty University

Rejected after interview: 1 - PCOM GA 

Waitlisted: 2 - PCOM PA, Thomas Jefferson University

Accepted: 1 - Slippery Rock University

Attending: Thomas Jefferson University!!! (accepted off of the waitlist)

Attempt: 1st

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Undergrad Ed School: California State University East Bay

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.83

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.80 

Age at application time: 28

1st GRE: 297, 3.5W 

Experience (Hours): 

Direct Patient Care: 5484 Hrs

HCE: 6488 Hrs

-       6 years Navy Corpsman

-       Worked in multiple departments from clinic setting doing sick-call, immunizations, vitals, medical records, medical coverages, minor procedures.

-       Afghanistan Deployment, working with Medevac tracking, clinic seeing Marines, mounted/dismounted patrols, and conducting prisoner physicals.

-       Clinic department supervisor role and managing schedules for doctors and patient scheduling. Leading other junior Corpsman in the department and managing medical supplies for the department.

Volunteer: 353 Hrs

-       Various community service related events from fundraising for charity events, community and campus cleanup, food banks, and Veteran organizations.

Non-HCE: 850 Hrs

Leadership: 304 Hrs

-       CSUEB Pre-PA United: President 17-18 term, Educational Chair 16-17

-       CSUEB Health Connect Intern

-       Community service Fraternity member and officer for one term at CSUEB

-       Community College Anatomy club member and PR officer. Cadaver Captain for the anatomy club cadaver lab.

-       President for clinic’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation club.

-       A general member of Student Veteran organization at CC and 4-year. 

Teaching: 577 Hrs

-       STEM tutor for 1 year at the community college for Gen. Chem, Anatomy, Physio, Micro, and Bio.

-       TA for Bio, General Chemistry, and Anatomy. 

Extracurricular: 317 Hrs

-       Mentored and played/captained soccer for a local community team, intramural college, and Navy & Marine Corps inter/intramural tournaments.

Research: 128 Hrs

-       Research Assistant currently at the Veteran Affairs Hospital in SF, working on a clinical research study with vets on PTSD, TBI, and EtOH disorders.

Shadow: 54 Hrs

-       Cardiac & Ortho surgery and a Hospitalist.

-       Shadowed ICU intensivist (10hrs)


-       PA: shadowed at Stanford ValleyCare

-       2 MD’s: worked with them in the Navy.

-       Anatomy Professor at Community College

-       Professor at a 4-year that I worked on an honors project and took 2 classes with him.

Schools Applied: Stanford, Duke, OHSU, Dominican U, Samuel Merritt, Touro,

Application Submitted Date: August 16th, Sept 22nd (SM), Oct. 18th (Dom. U)

Interview Invites: 3 (OHSU, Dominican, SM)

No interview invites: 3 (Stanford, Duke, Touro)

Accepted: 3 (OHSU, Samuel Merritt, Dominican University)

Attending: OHSU class of 2020

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UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION: University of Florida, B.S. in Biology



GRE: 310, 4.0 Writing



DIRECT PATIENT CARE HOURS: 1,200 as Patient Care Assistant (CNA) in a Trauma Unit at a Hospital and 325 as a Medical Scribe at a Cardiac Clinic (about 700 total hours at time of application)


VOLUNTEER HOURS: 30 on a mission trip to Guatemala, 50 from Urology Clinic, 15 from a pre-PA organization, 40 from a pre-health organization, and 100 from my sorority

UNDERGRADUATE INVOLVEMENT: Vietnamese Student Organization (Public Relations Director), Sorority (Historian/Webmaster, Public Relations Chair, Recruitment Chair), Asian Kaleidoscope Month (Creative Director), Pre-Health Org (Health Panel Director), Pre-PA Club (Member)

OTHER: 1 semester as Microbiology Lab TA

LOR: 2 RNs, 1 PA, 1 Senior Lecturer from the Microbiology Department


APPLIED: (10 total) University of Florida, South University in Tampa, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern University (Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, & Fort Myers), University of Southern California, Pennsylvania State University

INTERVIEW INVITES: (6 so far!) University of Florida, South University in Tampa, Florida State University, University of South Florida, Nova Southeastern University in Orlando, University of Southern California

WAITLISTED: South University in Tampa, University of South Florida, University of Southern California

REJECTED: University of Florida (Interviewed), Penn State, Nova Southeastern (Ft. Lauderdale)

ACCEPTANCES: South University in Tampa, Florida State University, Nova Southeastern University in Orlando, University of South Florida

ATTENDING: University of South Florida

STILL WAITING TO HEAR BACK: Nova Southeastern (Jacksonville, & Ft. Myers)

Will continue to update :-)

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Undergrad Ed School: Arizona State University

Major: Kinesiology BS (minor in Psychology)

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.4

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.32

Post-Bacc GPA: 3.8

Post-Bacc Science GPA: 3.8

Age at application time: 26

GRE: 158V 147Q 4.0

Direct Patient Care: 

3500 hours - clinical coordinator and research coordinator for an EP cardiologist

Total: 3500 hours

Health Care experience:

6500 hours: scribe/chief scribe for inner city hospitals in Phoenix, as well as startup program in Tennessee.

2500 hours: electrophysiology clinical coordinator

1000 hours: electrophysiology clinical research coordinator

Total: 10,000 hours


50 hours: Research Lab Tech

100 hours: Science Tutor

225 hours: Anatomy/Physiology Assistant TA

50 hours: volunteer at homeless-oriented local nonprofit organization

250 hours: youth baseball coach/manager

Total: 675 hours

Research: 1050 hours

Teaching Experience: 325 hours

Shadowing: 210 hours (192 hours EM, 18 hours FM/sports medicine)

Organizations: none

Letters of Rec: 5 - 1 A&P Professor, 3 ER Physicians, 1 ER PA

Schools Applied: 19 - PCOM PA, MCPHS Boston, Franklin Pierce University, Touro NY, MGH, Northeastern, UNM, Utah, Marquette, Quinnipiac, Towson, Arcadia, Campbell, Midwestern AZ, Midwestern Downers Grove, Barry University, Rosalind Franklin, Rocky Vista, South College

Application Submitted Date: 6/2/2017

Application Verified: 6/3/17

Interview Invites: 3 (Quinnipiac University, Rocky Vista University, Barry University)

Denied w/o interview: 13 (PCOM, MCPHS, MGH, Northeastern, UNM, Utah, Campbell, Marquette, Towson, Arcadia, Midwestern AZ, Rosalind Franklin)

Rejected after interview: none

Withdrew Application: 5 (Touro, Franklin Pierce, Midwestern Downers Grove, South College, Rocky Vista)

Waitlisted: 2 - Quinnipiac and Rocky Vista

Accepted: 2 - Barry University and Quinnipiac University (accepted off the waitlist)

Attending: Quinnipiac University

Attempt: 1st

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Undergrad Ed School: Texas A&M University
Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.39
Science Undergrad GPA: 3.51

Age at application time: 26

GRE: 1st attempt (2014): V- 149 (41%) Q- 148 (32%) W- 3.0 (15%)


         2nd attempt (2017) V- 154 (64%) Q-152 (47%) W- 4.0 (59%)

Healthcare experience: Medical scribe ~3400 hours in Internal Medicine; ICU Health Unit Coordinator ~400 hours; Family Medicine Clinic volunteer ~40 hours; Physical Therapy Clinic volunteer ~800hours


Shadowing: 400 hours shadowing neurosurgeon PA; 5 hours shadowing ENT PA


Awards: Dean's List (1 semester), Distinguished Student (2 semesters)


LOR: 2 MDs, one from my manager, and 1 from occupational health manager from a clinic that I worked at.


Schools Applied: South University (Savannah and Tampa), Oklahoma City University, Baylor, Gardner Webb, UTMB, UT Southwestern, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Wichita State, UNTHSC, Barry University (Miami), Hardin Simmons, Wingate-Hendersonville, South College


Application Submitted Date: 6/1/17


Application Verified: 6/1/17

Interview Invites: Wingate-Hendersonville, Hardin Simmons, Barry University-Miami

Denied: Gardner Webb, Oklahoma University, Baylor, UTMB, UT Southwestern, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Wichita State, UNTHSC

Withdrew Application: South College

Waitlisted: Wingate-Hendersonville, Hardin Simmons


Attempts: 4th



I'm so excited to finally post in this forum! This was my 4th time applying to PA school. It has been a very long journey to get here but I finally did it! Don't get me wrong there were times where I wanted to give up and try something else but I knew being a PA was what I wanted to do with my life. I hope my journey will inspire others who are in my shoes to keep applying to PA school. Retake courses you didn't do well in and/or retake the GRE. Just keep improving your application where you can. One day you will get accepted. Dont give up!! 

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Undergrad Ed School: 2 years community college + 3 years University of Michigan (Bachelors in Biology and Bachelors in Psychology)

Cumulative GPA: 3.51

Science GPA: 3.39

Age at application time: 25

GRE: 148V, 152Q, 4.0

Direct Patient Care: 2500 hours as a tech on the psych unit.

Health Care Hours: (in addition to direct patient care hours) 1440 and growing, current job as a genetics assistant to a medical geneticist, do other tasks within cancer center

Volunteer hours: 100 including soup kitchens, domestic violence home, elementary schools

Shadowing: 8 from a radiation oncology PA, 3 from dermatology PA

LORs: 1 from clinical nurse manager from psych unit, 1 from medical geneticist who I work closely with, 1 from radiation/oncology service line director, 1 from science professor

Certifications: BLS and CPI

Schools Applied: Eastern Michigan University, University of South Alabama, Anne Arundel Community College, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Arcadia University DE/PA, Le Moyne College, Drexel University

Interview Invites:  Drexel University

Denied w/o interview:  Eastern Michigan University, Anne Arundel Community College, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Arcadia University DE/PA, Le Moyne College

Rejected after interview: 




Attempt: 1st


A few questions here. First off, should I even bother applying? I don't want to waste my time/money, and anyone else's time. Second, are there any schools anyone recommends applying to? Third, any help on anything would be very much appreciated!!!

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You are basically average in every category. I would apply to atleast 10-15 programs, and if you don’t get in anywhere this time, beef up your PCE, shadow a bit more, and retake any prerequisites with a B-/C+ or below and ace them (if you have any). 

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