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Undergrad Ed School: Texas Tech University, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. Minors in Biology, Chemsitry, Spanish

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.57

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.34

Attempt: 1st

Graduate Ed School: (if applicable)

Cumulative Graduate GPA: (if applicable)

Science Graduate GPA: (if applicable)


Age at application time : 22 when submitted


1st GRE: 299. 153 Quantitative. 146 Qualitative. 4.5 Writing

2nd GRE: (if applicable)


Direct Patient Care : CNA in outpatient cancer center 1500 hours

                                EC Tech at level 1 trauma center 800 hours & counting


Extracurricular/Research Activities: President of study abroad organization

                       Medical mission to Costa Rica

                       CASA volunteer and intern


Schools Applied: 10. TTUHSC, UTHSCSA, UTMB, Northern AZ, South Univeristy-Savannah, UCWV, Rocky Mtn College of Osteopathic Med, Missouri State, Rosalind Franknlin, Emory


Application Submitted Date: June 16th


Schools Received Application Date: June 19th (verified)


Interview Invites: so far: UCWV, UTHSCSA, UTMB (withdrew from interview)


Denied: Emory, Rosalind Franklin, Missouri State


Withdrew Application: all schools i havent heard from


Waitlisted: N/A




Attending one of the two accepted schools. Withdrawing from the rest. 


This shows everyone not to give up hope if you have lower grades and a lower GRE. Schools will see your passion and that is just as important as grades!


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Undergrad Ed School: University of Miami, BS Exercise Physiology May 2016
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.91
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.88
Age at application time: 23

1st GRE: V- 160 (85%) Q-155 (59%) W- 4.0 (59%)

Healthcare experience: ED scribe/scribe trainer ~1000 hours

Shadowing: 20 hours shadowing an orthopedic surgeon and his PA in office and in the OR

Extracurricular/Research Activities: 

Leadership positions: 2 positions on e-board of my sorority, orientation fellow for new students

Internship: exercise physiology internship (120 hours, may count as HCE based on my duties)

Job: Assistant manager at frozen yogurt shop

Volunteer: 250 hours through my sorority, ~50 hours volunteering at hospital

Awards: Deans List every semester at UM + 1 post bacc at FIU, Provost's honor roll for 7 semesters at UM , President's honor roll 1 semester at UM

LOR: a PA that I work with, surgeon I shadowed, and professor in the exercise physiology department

Schools Applied: South University- Savannah and Tampa, Philadelphia University, Barry - Miami, Nova- Ft. Lauderdale, Arcadia - Glenside, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Cornell University, Duke University, Long Island University, Midwestern University - Glendale, Pacific University, Thomas Jefferson University, Western University of Health Science, University of South Florida, Temple, Rutgers, PCOM, FIU

Application Submitted Date: 6/12/17

Application Verified: 6/21/17

Interview Invites: Midwestern University, Arcadia University, PCOM, Jefferson, USF, Temple, Pacific University, Barry University, South University Savannah, Rutgers University, Duke University, LIU

Denied: Arizona School of Health Science, South University Tampa... possibly other schools if the rejection was sent via mail because I moved after submitting my application but only updated schools I interviewed at. 

did not complete application: Cornell (did not submit supplemental app), Western U (prereq issues)
Withdrew Application: USF, Temple, Pacific, South University, Rutgers, Barry, FIU, Nova, LIU
Waitlisted: Midwestern AZ, Jefferson, Duke

Accepted: Arcadia, PCOM, Midwestern AZ

Attending: Arcadia

Attempt: first

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Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia

Major: Biology

Age at time of application: 21 (turned 22 during interview process)

Cumulative GPA: 3.51 (although the GPA summary on CASPA lists my "overall" as 3.65, so I'm not sure what that means.)

Science GPA: 3.48 (BCP 3.45)

GRE: Verbal-161, Quantitative-165, Writing- 4.5

Direct patient care: 1530 hours (3 total years) as an EMT. (I also began working as an ED scribe, which some schools count, but I had just started during the application process so I only listed 120 hours of this and didn't label it as patient care).

Volunteer: 2 trips with the UVA chapter of Global Medical/Dental Brigades (1 as the brigade leader), and 1 year as VP for the chapter. 1 trip as volunteer for the Remote Area Medical Corps in Wise, VA.

Research: 2.5 years (about 1520 total hours) undergrad research at the Cardiovascular Research Center of the UVA School of Medicine. 8 weeks as a Clinical Research Intern with Valley Health. 

Shadowing: 320 hours shadowing through my internship (not all PAs). 

Extracurricular: ISC Scholarship Board member, member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, UVA Club Swim, Madison house volunteer corps (tutor for 3 years).

Memberships: American Academy of Physician Assistants (affiliate member, pre-pa).

Schools Applied: Quinnipiac University, Duke University, George Washington University, Jefferson College, Shenandoah University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Johnson & Wales University.

Attempt: First

Denied: Quinnipiac 

Interviews: Jonson & Wales, Shenandoah, Jefferson, George Washington (Oct 21)

Acceptances: Johnson & Wales, Shenandoah, Jefferson


This just shows that it is definitely NOT all about GPA (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). Experience is also really important, and using these during my interview proved to be really helpful. That being said, having a higher GRE score to even out a lower GPA is also helpful (my situation is an example). 

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Undergraduate degree: BSc in Occupational Therapy from London Southbank University.

GPA: 4.0 

Paid clinical Hours: 11,000 

Volunteer exp: Bio tutor, general work in LGBT community. 

Extra curricular: gave a TEDx talk, AAPA member, FAPA member, attended PA summer symposium 

PA shadowing: 70 hours. 

GRE: not taken 

Age: 29

Times applied: 1st time

Applied to schools in May 2017 

letters of rec: M.D, PA, anatomy professor, microbiology professor. 

Applied to: Quinnipiac, Philadelphia U, Drexel, Hofstra, MCPHS, Pacific U. 

Interviews offered: Quinnipiac, Philadelphia U, Drexel. 

Offers: 09/09 1st interview and early acceptance to Quinnipiac.  (Withdrew from all other subsequent interview offers). 

Accepted: Quinnipiac U class of 2020. 

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Undergrad: College of St. Scholastica BA Natural Sciences 2012

GPA: c3.26

Age: 27

PCE: Medical Scribe family practice clinic, volunteer with hospice patients

HCE: over 10k hours as certified pharmacy technician

Volunteer: Hospice center, tutor for elementary children in low income community

GRE: Q 151 V 151 Written 4.0 (2013)

Shadowing: 12 urgent care, 8 allergy, 16 ortho surg, 4 ortho clinic

Extra curricular: Heavily involved with college athletics, Student senate

LOR: Bio professor/Head of dept, pharmacist, supervising MD, PA at work

Applied to most schools in May 2017

Applied: Quinnipiac, Campbell, Methodist U, University of Charleston-WV, MUSC, Barry-Miami, Nova-Orlando, Samuel Merrit, Pacific University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Northeastern, Duke, High Point, Rutgers, South College-TN

Interview: University of Charleston, Campbell, Methodist U, MGH, Barry-Miami (did not attend)

Denied: Rugters, Northeastern, University of Charleston (after interview), Quinnipiac, Samuel Merritt, MUSC, High Point, Pacific U, Duke

Waitlist: Campbell

Still waiting for: Nova, South

Accepted: Methodist U Class of 2020!! MGH 12/21/17


Attempts: 3rd. I applied very late to very few schools the first time around. Had 1 interview last year at Campbell, and 4 this year! I want to stress heavily if you want something keep working toward it until you get it! I had retaken as many pre-reqs that were not A's as possible, even if they were B's. I have been waiting so long to post on this page and still can hardly believe that I am :)

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Undergrad: Elmhurst College, B.S. in Exercise Science
cGPA / sGPA: 2.78 / 3.86
Age: 30
PCE: 500 hours EMT-B, 6,500 hours ED tech at a Level I trauma center
GRE: Q 155 V 162 Written 4.0
Shadowing: 4 hours at sports medicine/orthopedics practice
Volunteering: Board member for city council subcomittee focusing on drawing young professionals in STEM fields to the area
Extra curricular: Exercise physiology tutor, executive board of an allied health club at Elmhurst College focused on careers in rehabilitation science
LOR: Director of Emergency Services, Emergency MD, Research Methods Professor

Applications were all completed by the end of June with the exception of Idaho State, which didn't send out secondary applications until August.

Applied: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University, Idaho State University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, A.T. Still University, University of Utah, University of Washington, Duke University
Interview Offers: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University, Idaho State University (declined), MGH Institute of Health Professions (declined)
Accepted: Rosalind Franklin University, Towson University, Campbell University
Attending: Rosalind Franklin University
Denied: A.T. Still 
Application Withdrawn: University of Utah, University of Washington, Duke University

First attempt at undergrad (majoring in music business) from 2005-2011 resulted in 16 "F"s, four separate instances of academic probation, and a 2.07 GPA. I went back to school starting in February 2014 and maintained a 4.00 GPA across all of my prerequisites and nearly 100 credit hours of coursework. I went to school full time and worked full time for three years straight to get myself to a point where I could apply to programs and now I can say that it was all worth it!

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Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Asheville - BS in Biology
cGPA / sGPA: 3.34 / 3.90
Age: 28
PCE: 725 hours CNA (inpatient psych), 144 hours as CNA (neuro/trauma ICU), and 800 hours CNA (cardiovascular ICU)
GRE: Q 153 V 158 W 4.5
Shadowing: 60 hours primary care PA, 5 hours emergency medicine PA, 8 hours cardiology PA, 5 hours orthopedic PA, 10 hours with two different trauma surgeons
Volunteering: 103 hours volunteering at free medical clinic in my community  
Extracurricular: Eagle Scout, 1 semester on Dean's List, 4 semesters on Chancellor's List, climbing instructor, and member of the AAPA and NCAPA

LOR: 2 PAs, supervisor in the CVICU, cell biology professor, and nurse I worked with frequently in psych

Applied: Duke, Wake Forest, ECU, UC Denver, Campbell, Wingate, and JCHS
Interview Offers: Wingate (declined), Campbell, Wake Forest, and JCHS (declined)
Accepted: Campbell and Wake Forest
Attending: Wake Forest
Denied: Duke
Application Withdrawn: UC Denver and ECU

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Undergrad: Southern New Hampshire University
cGPA / sGPA: 3.71 / 3.7
Age: 28
PCE: 6,552 ED Tech @ Level III Trauma Center, 4,200 EMT @ 911/Critical Care Ambulance Service
GRE: Q 153 V 151 W 4.5
Shadowing: 60 hours Trauma PA, 40 hours Ortho MD and PA, 18 hours Family Practice MD.
Volunteering: 1140 hours volunteering with Search and Rescue Team, 48 hours with Community outreach with the hospital I work at.  
Extracurricular: AAPA and CAPA Member, President of Search and Rescue Team.

LOR: 3 EM MD's, ED Director, Chief Medical Officer for my Employer (Trauma Surgeon).

Applied: University of Colorado, Pacific University, University of Utah, UW Spokane, RMUoHP
Interview Offers: University of Colorado, Pacific, University of Utah, RMUoHP, UW Spokane.
Accepted: University of Colorado
Attending: University of Colorado
Denied: None
Application Withdrawn: Pacific University, UW Spokane, RMUoHP


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Undergrad Ed School: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.84

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.87

Post Bachelor GPA: 4.00

Age at application time: 23

1st GRE: V/152 (55%), Q/160 (76%), AWA/4.5 (82%)

2nd GRE: V/152 (55%), Q/162 (82%), AWA/4.5 (82%)


Direct Patient Care:

Medical Laboratory Scientist in a Stem Cell Laboratory (1 year at time of application, 2100+ hours)

Phlebotomist at a free clinic (1 month at time of application ~10 hours/month)

Volunteer/Research Activities:

ASD Climber Foundation (1 month ~4 hours/week)


Family Medicine, PA-C (12 hours)

Blood and Marrow Transplant, MD (12 hours)

Blood and Marrow Transplant, PA-C (6 hours)

Pediatric Urology, DNP, CPNP (9 hours)

Urgent Care, PA-C (8 hours)

Pulmonary Transplant, PA-C (6 hours)

Spinal Neurosurgery, PA-C (6 hours)

Gynecologic Oncology, PA-C (10 hours)

Neurosurgery, PA-C (18 hours)

Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology, PA-C (6 hours) 

Cardiology, PA-C (6 hours)

Cardiothoracic ICU, PA-C (30 hours)


Dean's List 8/8 semesters

Graduated with Highest Distinction

Letters of Recommendation:

1 PA I shadowed, 1 MD I shadowed who is also a the Medical Directors of the lab I work in, 1 Employer, 1 Professor, 1 Clinical Coordinator


Schools Applied: Duke, Wake Forest, Methodist, Elon, Wingate (Hendersonville), Yale, Cornell, Barry (St. Croix), University of Charleston

CASPA Application Submitted: 06/08/2017

CASPA Application Verified: 06/12/2017


Interview Invites: Cornell (08/17), University of Charleston (09/13-09/14), Wake Forest (09/20), Methodist (09/28), Duke (10/11), Yale (10/19), Wingate (Hendersonville, 10/20), Elon (11/13)

Withdrew Application: Wingate (10/03), Elon (10/23)

Denied: Wake Forest (10/12), Cornell (10/21)

Waitlisted: University of Charleston (09/20), Yale (11/16)

Accepted: Methodist (10/02), Duke (10/23), University of Charleston (accepted off waitlist 10/30), Yale (accepted off waitlist in June)

Attending: Duke!!!!!


Attempts: first

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Undergrad School: EXSS at UNCC 

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.36
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.1

Age at application time : 24
GRE: 158 Q, 151 V, 4.5 W

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) 
2000 hours as CNA

Healthcare Experience:
30 hours hospital volunteer


70 hours volunteering with low income children after school

Leadership Experience: 
70 hours undergraduate Teaching Assistant for psych 

80 hours primary care PA

Non-Health Care Employment: 
300 as office assistant

Dean's List x 3

Professor, PA I shadowed, work supervisor 

Schools Applied: South (GA, FL, and VA), Wingate, Campbell, University Charleston, Lock Haven, South Alabama, Texas Tech, Arcadia, North Greenville, Methodist, Oklahoma City

Application Submitted Date: submitted 6/1, verified 6/7

Interview Invites: University of Charleston (Rejected), Wingate, NGU, Lock haven, USA (Declined)
Denied: South (all campuses), Arcadia, Oklahoma City, Campbell
Withdraw Application:  
Waitlisted: Lock Haven
Accepted: NGU, WINGATE - first choice

Attempts: first

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Undergrad Ed School: Texas A&M University at Galveston, BS Marine Biology, Dec 2017 graduate 

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.91

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.71


Age at application time: 22

1st GRE: V/152 (56%), Q/148 (30%), AWA/3.0 (18%)

2nd GRE: V/ 149 (43%), Q/ 157 (66%), AWA/4.0 (60%)

Direct Patient Care: NONE!

Volunteer/Research Activities: 

Pediatric center at UTMB, ~20 hours

A semester long internship in a toxicology lab, presented research

Shadowing: Breast oncology surgeon, ~40 hours in clinic

No PAs!

Awards: Honors, Deans list

Letters of Recommendation:

Honors director/professor, Advisor of the Pre-Allied Health Society I started, and Lab director/professor of the toxicology lab I worked in. 

No MDs, PAs, or anyone heath care related!


Schools Applied: UTMB, UNTHSC, and TTUHSC

CASPA Application Submitted: 06/05/17

CASPA Application Verified: 06/19/2017

Interview Invites: UNTHSC, Invite- 09/23/17 & Interviewed 10/07/17

Denied: None yet

Withdrew Application: N/A, but will most likely withdraw from UTMB and TTUHSC soon.

Waitlisted: None yet

Accepted: UNTHSC, 10/10/17

Attending: UNTHSC! Loved the campus and faculty, and it was my first choice.

Attempts: First!


I wanted to share this in hopes of helping those who do not have any PCE and very little shadowing hours! Also, I had no LOR from healthcare providers and no experience shadowing a PA. I believe that my involvement at Texas A&M and in the community really stood out. My major was also unique which I believe will help me provide a different outlook on things. I really tailored my personal statement to make everything I did in my undergrad related to healthcare as I didn't have any PCE. Ex: I've worked at a bar throughout college and I made it comparable to taking care of patrons, not over serving, time management, and really enhancing my people skills. 



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Undergrad School: Indiana University, BS in Neuroscience and minor in Medical Sciences
Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.56
Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.44

Age at application time : 22
1st GRE: 152 Q, 153 V, 4.0 W

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours)
650 Hours as CNA and Rehabilitation Technician
800 hours as Neurosurgical unit patient tech 

Healthcare Experience:
130 Hours as hospice aide
60 hours in NICU

50 hours doing clinical research with dementia & Alzheimer’s patients

150 hours IU dance marathon
20 hours Jill’s House memory care facility as activities volunteer
20 hours Ronald McDonald House meal prep

Leadership Experience:
200 hours as Vice President & President of IU’s Pre-PA Club
80 hours undergraduate Teaching Assistant for physiology

36 hours cardio PA
10 hours ED PA
12 hours ortho PA
20 hours peds NP
60 hours MDs in Spain hospital
24 hours MD in sports medicine and spinal surgery

Non-Health Care Employment:
2,000+ hours as librarian assistant at my university

Full-tuition scholarship recipient
Dean's List (x2 semesters)

Cardiology PA
Peds NP
PT (work supervisor)
Physiology professor
Healthcare professor (MD)

Schools Applied: IU, St. Francis (IN), Rosalind Franklin, Midwestern (IL), Northwestern, Midwestern (AZ), NAU, AT Still, Rush, Butler

Application Submitted Date: submitted 5/18/17

Verified: 6/7/17

Interview Invites: Waitlist interview Rush & Butler. Interview: IU 
Denied: Still haven't heard from the other 7 programs 
Withdraw Application: Rush
Waitlisted: none
Accepted: IU!! Excited to attend my alma mater 

Attempts: first

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Excited to post! 


Undergrad Ed School: Lindenwood University: Graduated May 2017 with Biology Degree with Cell and Molecular emphasis

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 4.0

Science Undergrad. GPA: 4.0


Age at application time: 22

1st GRE: V/157, Q/151, AWA/5.0


Direct Patient Care: 550 hours at application, currently building on

Volunteer/Research Activities: 

Emergency Department Vounteer: 350 hours

Transport Volunteer:50 hours


ED PA: 50 hours

Dermatology PA: 8 hours

Endocrine PA: 8 hours

Family Medicine PA: 8 hours

Internal Med MD: 20 hours

Awards: Honors, Deans list, Summa Cum Laude

Letters of Recommendation:

2 from supervisors (non-health care related)

2 from professors

1 from ED PA


Schools Applied: Stephen's College, Des Moines University, UMKC, Oklahoma City University

CASPA Application Submitted: 06/20/17

CASPA Application Verified: 06/27/17

Interview Invites: All 4 

Denied: UMKC (after interview)

Withdrew Application: Stephen's College

Waitlisted: None 

Accepted: OCU, DMU


Attempts: First!

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Undergrad Ed School: BA Biology with honors 

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.63

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.55

Age at application time: 25

After 1 GRE and 7 practice GREs— last GRE: V/160 Q/157 AWA/4.5

Direct Patient Care: 2000 EMT hours, 1700 specialty surgery scribe hours, 120 hours as phlebotomist  

Volunteer/Research Activities: 

Emergency Department Vounteer: 50 hours

Other volunteer hrs: 50 hours 


Brain tumor surgery : 12 hours 

family practice NP: 12 hours

fam practice MD: 4 hours

Awards: honors 

Letters of Recommendation:

2 from supervisors 

1 from honors advisor 

1 from adult medicine NP

1 from MD i scribed for 

Schools Applied: Pacific, duke , yale , Drexel, Tom Jeff, Barry, OHSU, GWU, midwestern, Colorado , Arcadia, pace, lock haven, Davis , northeastern 

CASPA Application Submitted: 06/27/2017

CASPA Application Verified: 7/1/2017

Interview Invites: pace, GWU, pacific, yale, Duke, lock haven, midwestern

Denied: OHSU, northeastern

Waitlisted: midwestern (nervous cuz first interview )  

Accepted: Duke

Attending: Duke

Attempts: First!

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Undergrad Ed School: The College of the Holy Cross / Rutgers University - Major in Biological Sciences

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.62

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.65

Age at application time: 21

Application Attempt: First

GRE (1 attempt): 149 V (42%), 163 Q (85%), 5.0 W (93%)

Direct Patient Care: ~400 hours CNA, 50 hours volunteer physical therapy assistant

Volunteer/Research Activities: ~1000 hours of volunteering across multiple organizations

Extracurricular Activities: Former Division 1 athlete, Founding Father of a Fraternity, Student-Athlete tutor for Biology and Organic Chemistry, multiple student organizations

Shadowing: ~150 hours with a family medicine PA

Letters of Recommendation: 1 from PA shadowed, 1 from MD, 2 from Professors (Organic Chemistry and Molecular Biology)

Schools Applied: 5 Total - Chatham, Rutgers, Findlay, Hofstra, CUNY

CASPA Application Submitted: 6/2/2017

CASPA Application Verified: 6/7/2017

Interview Invites: Chatham, Rutgers

Denied: Findlay, (haven't heard back from Hofstra or CUNY at the time of this post)

Waitlisted: Rutgers

Accepted: Chatham


Feel free to PM me, and don't be afraid to apply right out of college if that's what your goal is!

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Thrilled to be writing in this post! I am non-traditional with a BS in Finance!!!! I was very worried at first with a lot of my background and insufficient hours of clinical experience.

But I was able to apply after one year of work and got accepted! It was definitely hard to complete all the prereqs in one year... plus with a degree that is not science. With limited time, I was still able to utilize it in many places (class, work, shadowing, research and volunteer). Put your hard work in, and you will see what you are able to achieve. To everyone, please! Never, never lose hope!

SUNY Binghamton University

Major: Finance and Management of Information System

LaGuardia Community College (where all my prereqs are completed at)

Major: Math and Science

CASPA cGPA: 3.68
CASPA sGPA: 3.90

Postbacc GPA: 3.90

Prereq GPA: 3.90

GRE: Did not have the time to take it!


Age at application time : 23


-Paid Direct Patient Care: Ophthalmic Technician / Scribe 300 hrs

-Medical Assistant at OB/GYN office 1500 hrs

-Non paid: Nursing Home (2 months in the summer 2016)



- OB/GYN PA: 100 hours


Extracurricular/Research Activities: 

-CUNY Research Scholar Program with $5,000 grant

-Tutor at the Anatomy and Physiology Study Hall for one year

-Research at Binghamton about HIV and Malaria for half year


Languages: Chinese, English, Cantonese



1. Manager at OB/GYN office

2. PA I shadowed, whom I also worked with

3. Anatomy and Physiology PhD Professor, who is also the head of A&P tutoring hall and PI for my CUNY Research Scholar Program


Schools Applied: Touro (Both Bayshore and Winthrop), NYIT, Hofstra, Marist College, Pace (Both Pleasville and Lenox), CUNY City College

Application Submitted Date: Mid July

Interview Invites: Touro College (Winthrop), Hofstra, NYIT (I declined to go), (all other schools have not got back to me!)

Denied: Touro says that they will get back to me in December

Accepted: Hofstra University!


Attending: Hofstra University MSPA Class of 2020

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So excited to post!! 

Undergrad Ed School: University of Delaware; Major in Exercise Science 

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.78

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.82

Age at application time: 22

Application Attempt: second

GRE (1 attempt): 155 V (68%), 157 Q (67%), 4.0 W (56%)

Direct Patient Care: 700 as an outpatient cardiology scribe, 50 during a medical mission trip, 100 as a hospice volunteer, 

Volunteer/Research Activities: 400 as a research assistant and over 500 hours of volunteer due to being in a service group. 

Extracurricular Activities: Alpha Phi Omega member, Pre-PA club member, 

Shadowing: ~around 450 hours of shadowing different types of PAs 

Letters of Recommendation: 1 from MD that I worked closely with,  1 from Professor who taught me two classes (EKG and clinical phys) , 1 from director of non medical job I worked at. 

Schools Applied: 9 Total: Hofstra, NYIT, Pace, York, Stony Brook, LIU, Arcadia, Drexel, Cornell 

CASPA Application Submitted: 5/10/2017

CASPA Application Verified: 5/11/2017

Interview Invites: Arcadia, Stony Brook, Hofstra, Pace (did not attend), NYIT (did not attend)

Denied: Cornell (haven't heard back from York, LIU, or Drexel)

Waitlisted: N/A

Accepted: Arcadia, Stony Brook, Hofstra

Attending: Hofstra!! 


Feel free to PM me!! 


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Undergrad Ed School: Florida Southern College C/O 2016 

Major: Biology, BS

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.10

Science Undergrad. GPA: 2.85

Graduate School: University of Florida

Graduate Degree: MSc in Medical Microbiology and Cell Science

Graduate GPA: 3.72

overall CASPA cGPA: 3.18

overall CASPA sGPA: 3.01

Age at application time : 23

GRE: V: 159  Q: 159  AW: 4.5


Direct Patient Care : (type & hours)

ER Scribe: 4320 hours

Medical Assistant in Colorectal surgery: 3000 hours

Medical Assistant in Trauma surgery: 300 hours

Medical Assistant in Cardio: 250 hours

(i float at my hospital when my doc is operating, but main base is colorectal)


Volunteer/Community Service: Race for the Cure volunteer, volunteer in undergrad microbiology lab Total: 400 hrs  


HCE: student athletic trainer, surgical check in, physical therapy intern Total: 500 hrs  


Shadowing: 300 hrs from an ER PA  


LOR: 1 from a PA i work with, 2 from surgeons I work with, 1 from work supervisor 


Schools Applied(12): UF, USF, FSU, FIU, Nova Jax, Nova Orlando, Nova Ft Myers, Keiser, Duke, Yale Online, Shenadoah, NYIT


CASPA submitted: May 9


CASPA Verified: May 10


Interview Invites (so far): University of Florida, Florida International University, University of South Alabama


Denied: Keiser University


Withdrew Application: FIU, University of South Alabama


Waitlisted: None


Accepted: University of Florida.. Go Gators! (Attending)


Attempts: second 


low GPA people feel free to PM me!! It CAN be done

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Hey all! I am thrilled to finally get to post here. Hopefully this information can help some of you! Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about my journey to PA school.

Undergrad: University of Iowa, B.S. Neurobiology / Pre-Med

Graduate: University of Iowa College of Public Health, M.P.H. Epidemiology

Undergraduate Non-Science GPA: 3.63

Undergraduate Science GPA: 3.42

Graduate Non-Science GPA: 4.0

Graduate Science GPA: 3.77

Age: 26 (at time of application)

GRE: v: 151 (52%) q: 152 (50%) aw: 4.5 (82%)

            *Taken on a whim due to last minute decision to attend graduate school for my MPH

PCE: 3,000 Nursing Assistant (acute care), 400 Telemetry Monitor Tech/Nurse Tech

HCE: 300 Camp Counselor @ muscular dystrophy retreat, 250 Hospital Volunteer, 30 Mobile Clinic

Research Experience:  4000 GRA/Lab Manager: enteric infectious disease & zoonoses, 2300 RA: neuroelectrophysiology lab

LOR: PCE supervisor, Graduate Research PI/Mentor, PA that I shadowed (we bonded well)

Shadowing: PA in dermatology - 30hrs

            *Difficult to set up, as medical school reserves most slots at the university hospital for their current students


-Undergraduate Summer Research Fellow

-Epidemiology Student Excellence Award

-Graduate Certificate in Emerging Infectious Disease Epidemiology

-International field work and research experience (Kenya, Haiti)

-750 hrs diverse community service

-Professional organization memberships (ex: APHA)

-Various leadership experiences in Greek life and Uni clubs

-3 published co-authored papers

Programs Applied: 16 schools (Case Western Reserve, University of Iowa, Quinnipiac, Emory, Arcadia, Drexel, Rush, Rosalind Franklin, Southern Illinois, Indiana University, Duke, University North Carolina, George Washington, Pacific University, EVMS, Boston University)

Submitted CASPA: 7/21/17 verified: 7/23/17

Interview invites: Case Western Reserve, University of Iowa, Arcadia, Drexel, Rosalind Franklin, Southern Illinois, Indiana University, Quinnipiac, EVMS, Boston University 

Interviews Not Attended: Drexel, Quinnipiac, Rosalind Franklin, EVMS

Attended & Denied: Boston University

            *First ever PA interview, definitely was unprepared!

Accepted/Alternate-List: Indiana University (withdrawn), Southern Illinois (withdrawn)

Accepted: Case Western Reserve, University of Iowa, Arcadia

Attending: University of Iowa!

Attempt: Second

*Only applied to Boston U my first cycle!

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Undergrad: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Major: Bio-medical Sciences
Minors: Chemistry and Psychology

overall CASPA cGPA: 3.73
overall CASPA sGPA: 3.66

Age at application time : 23

GRE: V: 153  Q: 150  AW: 4

Direct Patient Care: ~2,500 hours total

-The majority of the hours were from working in a memory care assisted living, but I also had long-term nursing facility/rehab experience
-I now work at a hospital on a med/surg floor

Volunteer/Community Service: ~300 hours total
Medical mission trip to Guatemala
Habitat for Humanity
Volunteer at 5ks
Volunteer for youth sports at local high school
Regional Cancer Volunteer at local hospital
Random volunteer opportunities through pre-PA club during undergrad

Extracurriculars: main ones
Club Volleyball: 3 years
Pre-PA Club
Eta Phi Alpha Honor Society

Shadowing: ~32 hours total
Hematology/Oncology PA

1 from a PA I shadowed, 1 from a immunology professor, 1 from my boss in healthcare setting


Schools Applied (11): University of Charleston (WV), Salus University, Thomas Jefferson University, Barry University-St. Pete, Carroll University (WI), Rosalind Franklin, St. Louis University, Duke, Indiana University, Nova-Ft. Lauderdale campus, UMKC

CASPA submitted: May 28th 

Interview Invites (so far): University of Charleston, Salus University, TJU, Barry University, Carroll, Indiana University

Denied: Rosalind Franklin, UMKC, Duke, University of Charleston (after interview)

Withdrew Application: TJU, Barry University, Carroll

Accepted: Salus University, Indiana University

Attending: Indiana University


Attempts: Second 

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Hello, I can finally post here. But I am not going to publicly post all of my stats with regards to numbers. If you want to know more specifics feel free to message me. With hard work and determination anything is possible.

Undergrad: Canisius College, B.S. Chemistry, Health Track/Pre Med- 2014

                  *Had three different tracks for chemistry you can take as an undergraduate student

Post Graduate: Wayne County Community College District, Wayne State University - 2015-2016

Age: 24 (at time of application)

Direct PCE: Patient Care Tech (CNA, Phlebotomy, EKG Tech) Henry Ford Hospital Infectious Disease

Research Experience 2016 Summer Water Analysis Research Project - Wayne County Community College District. Testing the amount of Manganese in the Detroit River

LOR: Infectious Disease Nurse Manager RN, BSN, Infectious Disease Assistant Clinical Manager RN, BSN, LMSW Supervisor from Post Grad Volunteer Year, Microbiology Instructor PhD

Extras: 2 Years AmeriCorps Volunteer , 1 Year volunteer. 3 years total Post Grad Volunteer for Non-Profit Organization

Submitted CASPA: 5/17/17 verified: 5/18/17

Programs Applied: 5 schools (Case Western Reserve University, Eastern Michigan University, Daemen College, University of Toledo, LeMoyne University) 

Interview invites: Case Western Reserve University

Interview Denials: Eastern Michigan, LeMoyne University

Application Withdrawals: Daemen College, University of Toledo

Programs lost accreditation: University of Toledo

Accepted: Case Western Reserve University


Attempt: First


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I wanted to go ahead and encourage others who may feel like the odds are against them. Before I decided to be a PA, I was a drummer with a Business degree touring with a rock band. My GPA from that degree was very low. From the moment I fell in love with medicine until I got accepted, I gave a full effort and never stopped. I got straight A's for all my pre PA work.

First and only cycle:

Undergrad Ed School: UCF (B.A.), EFSC (A.S.)

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.02

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.82


Age at application time : 31


1st GRE: 331.5 (163 Verbal, 164 Quant, 4.5 AW)

Direct Patient Care : Health Systems Manager (2910 Hours)

Patient Care Coordinator (7490 Hours)


Shadowing Experience: 16 hours with an Ortho PA at the VA Clinic and 8 hours with a surgerical nurse. 


Schools Applied: 

University of Florida

Adventist U

South University



Nova (all 4 in FL)



Application Submitted Date: June 23, 2017


Interview Invites: South University Tampa (Aug), Nova Jax (Sept), University of Florida (Oct), Adventist (Nov)


Denied:  My application was denied at Keiser because of the rolling admissions and my late submission.


Waitlisted: 0


Accepted: South University Tampa (Aug), Nova Jax (Sept), University of Florida (Oct)

Attending: University of Florida College of Medicine!

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Shout out to all my low GPA people out there, DO NOT GIVE UP! I have a pretty bad GPA for applying to PA school, but I had around a 3.5 for my last 60 credit hours and I worked up a healthy amount of HCE to bolster my application. It took me a long time but I made it and you can too!


Undergrad Ed School: University of Maryland College Park (B.S. in Biology)

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.0

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.0


Age at application time : 24


1st GRE: 155 Verbal, 154 Quant, 3.5 AW)

Direct Patient Care : Medical Scribe and Chief Medical Scribe (1500 hours)

Medical Assistant in Spine Surgery (4000 hours)


Shadowing Experience: All of my shadowing is from following PA's as a scribe ~1000 hours


Schools Applied: 

15 schools, yes, FIFTEEN 


Application Submitted Date: June 16, 2017


Interview Invites: Lincoln Memorial University, my only interview!

Denied:  Literally 14 schools


Waitlisted: 0


Accepted: Lincoln Memorial University

Attending: Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine Class of 2020!

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Undergrad Ed School: BS in Health Science, Class of 2014

Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.77

Science Undergrad GPA: 3.65

Age at application time : 25

GRE: V150 Q158 AW4.0

Direct Patient Care: Medical Scribe ~1600 hours, Pharmacy Tech ~400 hours

Extracurricular/Research Activities:

  • Research in neuroscience, cancer, and organ transplants
  • Volunteer for 2 non-profit organizations
  • Biology teaching Assistant
  • Language Instructor
  • Certified Bilingual Medical Interpreter
  • Shadowed 2 PAs & 3 Physicians

LOR: 2 physicians I work for, 1 professor

Schools Applied: AACC/UMB, Arcadia, Chatham, DeSales, Drexel, Duke, GWU, Marywood, Philadelphia University, Towson/CCBC, Wake Forest, Cornell, Yale

Application Submitted Date: early June

Schools Received Application Date: Mid-late June

Interview Invites: AACC/UMB, Arcadia, Chatham, Duke, Towson/CCBC, Wake Forest

Denied: AACC/UMB, Arcadia, GWU, Wake Forest, Yale

Withdrew Application: N/A

Waitlisted: Duke

Accepted: Towson/CCBC, Chatham

Attending: Towson/CCBC (1st choice! ^^)

Attempt: 1st

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I set my heart on PA school approximately 4 months after graduating with my bachelors. So, I scrambled to find hours. I don't recommend this, but it's what I thought I had to do. Looking back, I would have taken my time finding hours through a role I was passionate about. However, when you try finding jobs and you keep getting denied, you take what you can get. I didn't have a whole lot of great hands on experience (about 1,500 hours of taking vitals and doing EKGs at a small occupational clinic) , but I gained experience on how to interact with patients through volunteering and other hands-off opportunities for the past 8 hours. I was honestly REALLY nervous when interviewing at first because I knew that other candidates were nurses, therapists, paramedics, and just phenomenal professionals. If you're browsing through this forum and are looking for someone with little not-so-great experience, I DID TOO. I learned after a few interviews that the committee was really trying to get to know me, my ability as a potential student, and my intentions as a perspective PA, NOT how amazing I was as a current medical professional. I was just myself, and I made sure that I chose words and experiences that reflected my compassion for people and my passion for medicine. 

Undergrad Ed School:  University of South Florida

Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.8

Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.65

Age at application time : 24

GRE: V: 156 Q: 155 AW: 4.0 

Direct Patient Care : (type & hours)

CNA at a rehab hospital (800 hours)

Medical assistant, back of office: 1,500 hours (2 years as a medical assistant but I had half front/back roles)

Volunteer/Community Service: Volunteer at a children's SNF, children's hospital, and the VA hospital. About 150 hours

HCE: Front desk medical assistant, front desk receptionist for part time while in undergrad for a year,  and pharmacy technician student for a year while in high school

Shadowing: Family med PA: 12 hrs Ortho PA: 8 

LOR: 1 from an MD and owner of practice, 1 from a NP I worked with, and 1 from a PA I worked with and shadowed

Schools Applied (12): NSU (Jax, Ft. Myers, Orlando and Davie/Ft. Lauderdale), USF, FIU, Barry, FGCU, South University (Georgia, Richmond, and Tampa), Keiser

CASPA submitted: June 07

CASPA Verified: June 08

Interview Invites: All the schools listed but FIU 

Denied: FIU (denied me an interview)

Withdrew Application: NSU Jax and Ft. Myers, USF, FGCU, South University Georgia once I had gotten an acceptance

Waitlisted: South University Richmond


Accepted: NSU Orlando, NSU Davie, Barry, South University Tampa, and Keiser


Attempts: First 


Attending: NSU Davie:) 

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