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Reapplicant Looking For PS Advice!

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 Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!     


     "To say I was an accident prone child is an understatement.  I frequented doctors’ offices and emergency rooms for a variety of injuries and ailments.  I remember staying home sick from elementary school, curling up on the sofa to watch marathons of “Medical Mysteries” and “Trauma: Life in the ER”.  My squeamish parents were somewhat disgusted by my gruesome choice of entertainment and were puzzled by my infatuation with medicine.  Even so, my interest and enthusiasm for medical care persisted.

     In 2006, after I was involved in a serious golf cart accident, I knew for certain that I would pursue a career in healthcare.  I suffered extensive injuries after being ejected from the vehicle, run over, and dragged along the pavement.  I remember the rushed atmosphere and commotion of the emergency room as I lay there feeling shocked by the gravity of the situation. Then, Michelle walked in, a smiling brunette clad in a crisp white coat.  I assumed she was a physician as she explained the imaging procedures and tests I would soon undergo.  She addressed me not as a naïve thirteen-year-old but simply as a concerned patient.  She answered all my questions and stayed engaged in our conversation even as she performed an intra-articular injection to determine if my knee joint had been compromised.  I was in awe at the combination of her technical proficiency and calm disposition.  Not until years later, after attending a physician assistant symposium in college, did I realize Michelle was a physician assistant.

     After my accident, my passion for medicine persisted.  In high school, I enrolled in Honors Anatomy and Physiology and was fascinated by the field trips to watch an open-heart surgery and visit a cadaver lab.  My teachers noted my enthusiasm for the subject and nominated me to attend a medical leadership conference at Georgetown University.  When selecting a college major, I chose Nutritional Sciences because of the strong focus on biological science; it also provided a unique perspective on clinical work and emphasized the critical thinking skills necessary in practice.  I worked assiduously because I knew exemplary academics were necessary when applying to graduate programs. However, despite struggling with a personal crisis during my sophomore year, I was determined not to let one semester mar the academic record I had worked so hard to achieve.  I made significant changes in my life and learned how to maximize my academic potential while managing stress in a healthy way.  This experience was a critical point of self-exploration, and I am confident it was an important step in preparing me for the rigors of PA school.

     Once I was comfortable managing the challenges of a science-heavy course load, I began to focus on gaining more experience working in healthcare. Although my interest to learn the intricacies of medicine was undeniable, I was still unsure about which career would be the best fit for me.  I spoke with doctors, nurses, and PAs to determine the differences between these types of practitioners.  While trying to make a decision, I repeatedly thought of Michelle, my earliest inspiration.  I saw clearly that compared to other healthcare professionals, PAs have a unique opportunity to build a rapport with their patients by getting to know them on a personal level, which is what I value most.

     However, it was not until I became a certified nursing assistant at an assisted living facility that I truly understood how much I valued being a part of someone’s healing process.  Initially, I saw the job as an opportunity to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, but I realized quickly the magnitude of this experience was much greater than I anticipated.  It is remarkable to watch the aging process unfold and see the devastating progression of diseases.  It is my responsibility to not only provide care to the residents, but also to be vigilant about changes in their condition, to be compassionate about the struggles they endure in light of their impending mortality, and to listen to them when nobody else will. These moments make me realize what an honor it is to be a healthcare provider.

     Although my academic journey has always been aimed towards a career in medicine, my unique life experiences are what inspired me to become a physician assistant. The PA profession encompasses my passion for scientific knowledge and my desire to build relationships with patients. Pursuing such a fulfilling and exciting career leaves me with a profound sense of purpose and the definitive notion I will be a successful physician assistant."

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