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Ted talk: short term medical missions

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Indeed, most of this has been said before but it certainly bears repeating.    I know that EMDPA has mentioned a clinic in Haiti that has regular volunteers but has also established a local continuity presence with a Haitian NP.  That is a perfect set up to send supplies and equipment, share training with and by the local provider, and provide culturally-sensitive service under the watchful eyes of the local community.   It probably doesn't work when responding to an acute disaster, but even then you have to make sure you are not adding to the problem rather than helping with a solution.  Self-contained units are essential.  No need to take food, water  or shelter that would go to others, and I guess I would always have to make an honest judgment about whether my physical presence at a disaster scene would be worth more  than an equivalent weight of medicine and medical supplies or even food.   

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