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2015-2016 Weill Cornell Medical College Application Thread

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Phew! I thought I was surely rejected after everyone got their call yesterday. I got my call today...psyched!   We had Uber Kittens visit our office today and I literally threw the kitten I was hold

Got a call today! Accepted!

I also got a call. Surreal.     Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I did, it was a great chance to ask students whatever you wanted. However if you can't make it I don't think it's a problem at all, because there will be current students (different from the ones at the informal Q&A) there during the interview day just kind of hanging around and you can ask them anything as well

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shinsplint, I think most (probably 10 out of 16) went to the Q&A the day before for those of us that interviewed September 15th. There are plenty of opportunities to ask current students questions during the interview day if scheduling is tight, as naix mentioned. If if you can make it I would definitely go the day before as well, though, as it can help with calming nerves when you're more familiar with your interview group :)

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Applied in June, my app was processed mid September and now it's currently under review. Spoke to admissions today so fingers crossed I get a secondary


When you say your app was processed in mid September is it because your app was not complete? Just wondering because I applied in June, too, and I have all but given hope on getting a secondary, so I am wondering if my app could possibly have not been processed until recently, as well. Any ideas?

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I clarified this during my interview because all the threads I read said there was a two week timeframe, and then I thought I had heard differently. I was told by Joselyn that the admissions committee would be waiting until after the second round of interviews before meeting to make any decisions. Decisions would be made and we would receive feedback end of October, beginning of November.


This waiting game is going to be the death of me.

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Got an invite for the nov 19th interview yesterday! Anyone who has already interviewed mind sharing what to expect?



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Congratulations on the interview invite!


I had a very positive experience. The other candidates were awesome, and the staff is friendly. Our group interview consisted of two students asking us random questions to break the ice, as well as some scenario based questions. There are two individual interviews so that they are able to gather more than one perspective. They aren't intimidating at all; they're actually looking for reasons to promote you when they go to meet, so of course, present yourself in the best light. There's also an essay that you will have to write, but they give you ample time to complete it. Afterwards the students will take you on a tour of the campus and facilities. 


If the students offer an info session the night before, I would highly recommend attending. You can gather really valuable insight over an extended period of time that can't really be obtained unless you've done extensive research/know somebody in the program.


Good luck, and have fun!

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