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At my interview, they told us that last year they only were able to accept three students off their waitlist.


I am on the "medium waitlist" and haven't heard about anyone on the high waitlist, though that was mentioned as well during the interview.





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Wonder why they waste time with the waitlist then? That is honestly pretty irritating. I got "low" priority waitlist status and I don't know if anyone on high or medium heard back??



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Congrats to everyone else who received the interview! I interviewed on 10/20/15 as well and the students, PA and MPH faculty are amazing and truly welcoming. Just a note to those who have interviewed

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To a current student or someone who has interviewed at Touro before... if I submitted by application pretty early (all materials complete email 8/5) and did not receive an interview invite yet, should I give up on my chances? I'm just looking for an honest opinion. I'm not sure if they process applications submitted prior to the first round of interviews again before sending out more interview invitations. 

Hi allygator11, I'm a current PA-S here and we are still conducting interviews. Touro tends to run interviews all the way up until the spring. Just be patient and good luck! 

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