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I applied and received an email confirming receipt of my CASPA and supplemental applications. They said they were being reviewed and I would hear in two weeks from the date of the email. I assume that means an interview invite or rejection!

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already received my rejection ... :) they said for one of the two reasons


1) I didn't meet their min req ( even thou I did  checked all the pre reqs before applying )


2) I did not finish the application process ( I completed the enrollment process and finish the CASPA  so I don't know what that means )




oh well good luck to you guys :/

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@TexasGirl  don't you think you can still complete the application process?  You have many months until it closes.  You should call them and get better info about why you were rejected 

Thank You. I was a bit intimidated contacting Ms. Sawyer initially. But I am thinking of shooting her an email now

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I was honored along with 5 other great candidates to sit down for an interview yesterday 7/8/15. We were excited to hear we were the first group to be interviewed this year. Good luck to all and wish the best to the people I met at the interview. Hope to see you guys soon!

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