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scrubbing and billing as first assist

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question - is there a guideline, or even an ethical % of time a first assist must be scrubbed? I've caught wind of some PA's at some places scrubbing for just the timeout, and then coming back to close, and billing for a first assist. while this is isn't on my list of things to aspire to - is it ethical to scrub out during a longer case, to prep the next patient in holding, and then come back to finish up, yet still bill for first asssit? Was doing some digging, and didn't see anything. 

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    • By BJessee
      I am looking for some insight from any PA practicing in outpatient psychiatry, especially is TN or VA
      I heard from a colleague that there has been some issue with reimbursement in the outpatient psychiatry realm that is specific to PA services
      I wondered if anyone currently practicing in this specialty or anyone with knowledge about the situation could weigh in. 
      Are PAs reimbursed at the normal rate or at a decreased rate?
      Are there discrepancies between reimbursement for medicare/Medicaid and commercial insurers?
      Thank you all in advance!
    • By CPacheco
      I work as a physician assistant at an orthopedic urgent care center where we offer Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES) as a therapy to aid in recovery and healing. We have a therapist here 3 days a week for that. As a PA, are we able to bill a therapy code for that therapy on the days therapist is not here and I provide the therapy? Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.
    • By darkavenger
      I had posted on another thread that I am looking to renew my contract and maybe go to a straight production contract for my derm job.
      When I joined the practice, I was told that they had good collections, around the 80% mark.  That seemed to be excellent.  However, yesterday I had them pull my charged amount for the year and it showed that I had charged (or billed?) about $900K but the net received, which I am assuming is collected monies, was only about $360K.  That's a collection rate of 40%.  
      That didn't seem right.
      What are typical collection rates you guys are seeing out there?
    • By OrthoPA1
      Hello, I am an orthopedic surgery PA with > 10 years experience, and am looking to learn about RVU -based reimbursement, for a potential job change.  The RVUs would be awarded based upon billing, not collections, as it is an underserved area with poor payer mix.  It would be clinic-based; no surgical assisting or hospital work.  My questions:
      1. Does anyone know what the typical $ per RVU value would be, for an orthopedic PA?
      2. Does anyone have access to a list of RVU per CPT code for typical orthopedic office procedures?  (injections, fracture care, splinting, etc).  I was able to find 0.97 for 99213, which is a common office visit code ...I'm more curious about the procedures
      3. Is this a workable plan for orthopedics?  Is it possible to thrive financially within an RVU -based system?  I am aware that it would be important to avoid seeing a lot of postop patients within their global billing period, as those visits award 0 RVUs.  Correct?
      Any insight you can provide, would be appreciated!
    • By roemen2
      Does anyone have any good CME or other educational references to help me expand my knowledge of billing/coding?  I do family practice with ER/hospital coverage in a rural health facility. Clinic is my main concern as the hospital charges are all reviewed by the coders. Thanks!
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