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Rough Draft, welcoming constructive feedback

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Hi paproof, thank you for reading.


I tried to convey my reasons:

1. I like to use my intellectual curiosity to help people (no research)

2. I'd like to have more time to help the underprivileged sooner (no doctor)

3. PA has a unique aspect of lateral movement between specialities since I love every different areas of medicine I became involved in

4. The PA I shadowed was a great healthcare provider to his patients, reaffirming my aspiration


I tried my best to show my passion. If these reasons were not obvious, should I just be blatant about it?

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Your essay is very well-written.  But saying you want to help the underprivileged sooner does not count out becoming a physician.  It would help you if you wrote more about your experiences with PAs from shadowing or employment.  


Yes, I'd be more blatant.  Don't make them read between the lines.

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