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I have an interview Wednesday for a CVT job at a heart hospital.  Majority OR, first assist and vein harvesting.  Little ICU, no call.  I've been in practice 5 years, 4 of which I've spent in the ER.  16 months (overlapped jobs for a bit) in ortho surgery.  They've been very aggressive in their recruiting and initially i was very excited.  Now as it grows closer ... I'm nervous about the specialty change.  I love the OR and procedures.  I enjoy ortho so much, in fact in the ER now the docs I work with and the RNs hand deliver me ortho cases or ask for my input.  But I've found in the past 5 years, I enjoy critical care and hospital base medicine, coupled with my disdain for clinic, so much more than my love for ortho.  

I can't figure out if I'm having normal cold feet ... or if my gut is telling me this isn't the right move.  


Anyone else have any insight when making a specialty change?

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