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Actual CASPA Verification Wait Times '15-'16

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I thought I would start a thread similar to the one made for the last cycle. I have not submitted yet, but for those who have, could you comment the date you submitted and the date verified?

I just called them and they are working on applications that were completed on August 8th. I submitted mine on July 30, and it was completed on August 10th due to one transcript, so hopefully next wee

Now CASPA says they haven't received anything and my school says it was sent the 28th and has proof. CASPA is not taking phone calls anymore either. Just a recording saying they are busy. What a disas

Complete: 8/14


Still awaiting Verification, although one school I applied to (with a Sept.1 deadline) e-mailed me today saying that they have received my application and are currently processing it (I did not send a supplemental app or any other documents directly to the school), so my application still got to them somehow although my CASPA is not yet verified.


Has anyone else experienced this?

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well, my CASPA application was verified 10 minutes ago. So strange but I'll take it. My overall non-science GPA is 3.43; overall science is 3.14, and overall GPA is 3.25... I don't know what to do with it.... Apparently my international diploma didn't count and ADN nursing played a major role. Should I even try?

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