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Which General Biology 2 class should I take?

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I have a question regarding the General Biology 2 pre-requisite requirement.
There are two options at my community college: General Biology 2, and Biological Science 2: Human Biology. I have already completed General Biology 1.


These are the Course Descriptions:

BIOL 103 - Biological Science 2: Human Biology (and Lab) 4 Credits

An analysis of the systems of the human body, the structure and functions of the circulatory, digestive, respiratory, excretory, skeletal-muscular, nervous, and reproductive systems. These systems are approached through an understanding of their functioning in the healthful condition followed by a study of the common disease conditions resulting from their dysfunction.

Prerequisites: Some background in biology is helpful. Biological Science 2 (Human Biology) is a one-semester lecture and laboratory course that may be used as a sequel to Biological Science, but can be taken independently, and deals with general topics related to the human organism.

BIOL 117 - General Biology 2 (and Lab) 4 credits

A second course in a two-semester sequence designed to fulfill the science requirement for the college degree as well as for a science major. Covers animal structure and function, plant structure and function, and principles of ecology. May be taken for Honors.

Prerequisites: BIOL 115 General Biology 1 (and Lab)


Any suggestions of which one I should take?




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