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From the mouths of ED babes

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9 year old female in the dept with her mom. The kid was riding on the back of her sister's bike, standing on the pegs. Kid falls off, lands on her backside and has come to the department for pain to the low back...right under the big abrasion.


Me: Were you wearing a helmet?


Kid: No. I hate wearing helmets!


Me: Wow. Glad you didn't hurt your head. If you are going to stand on the back of a bike like that, you should wear a helmet.


Kid: Why?


Me: You don't need me doing brain surgery on you next time if you land on your head.


Kid: If you do brain surgery on me I WILL SUE YOU. I WILL SUE YOU!!!!




I have mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, the kid jumped right to the lawyer card, and mom found it funny, which was creepy. On the other hand, the kid did have a point. Considering I have no neurosurgical experience, a lawyer probably should be involved if I was doing brain surgery on a 9 year old in the emergency department. But I don't think that was the point the kid was driving at.

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