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MGH Institute of Health Professions 2015-2016

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@cnunez, how long did it take to hear back about an interview after submitting your application last year?

I submitted in September last year and found out about the interview in November, then had the interview in December. But I know last year they had two rounds of interviews, one in Nov and one in Dec, where they accept about half of the class from each round

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"We are in receipt of your application from CASPA, however we cannot process your application further without your supplemental application. Your application will be considered Incomplete until your account is created and your supplemental application is submitted online.


Please note that most of your official documents are in the process of being sent to CASPA, only the following sections of the supplemental application must be completed before submission:


1. Applicant Information

2. Program of Study

3. PA Prerequisite Checklist

4. Diversity Statement (this section is optional for all applicants and is not required for submission)


There is no supplemental application fee and no additional recommendations/transcripts/test scores need to be uploaded to this supplemental application, as all other information would have been sent and received through CASPA." The email tells you what you need to do.

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Where are you seeing the "in review" mark? Mine still says "submitted" with the date of July 1st. Any suggestions?

If you log in to your supplemental application, it will automatically update when the status changes.

For example, mine says: "Application Status: Submitted, Application Complete-Being Reviewed"



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