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Touro Bayshore (Manhattan) References/Letters

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Hello all,


I'm wondering if anyone knows of someone who's gotten into Touro (Manhattan campus) without a LOR from a PA.  They list on their site that one letter must be from a PA, not an MD or NP, because they want you to understand the relationship a PA and an MD/DO have.


I honestly don't know any PA's other than those I've shadowed (they've each only met me once) so I don't want to waste their time or a LOR slot on someone I've only met once.  I've done quite a few hours of shadowing, so I do understand the role of a PA.  


The letters I will have are from a professor/former preceptor, a DO, an MD, and an NP.  Any thoughts on whether I should even apply without a PA LOR?



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You need a LOR from a PA if that's one of their requirements whether you agree with their reasoning or not. Ask one of the PAs you shadowed if you can shadow them a couple of more days. Get to know them more personally, show interest in their career, ask questions, and then ask for a LOR. You already have the hard part down, which is getting in contact with a PA that lets you shadow him/her.


I don't really agree with the whole LOR from someone you only observe, since they can't really observe any of your work ethics or behavior. However, most PAs in the field know it's a check mark for school and will help you out.

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