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Transcript Entering Service, Shadowing Documentation

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Hi Everyone!


I'm new to to this forum, so bear with me :)


I am applying for the 2015-2016 application cycle and I am completely new to CASPA. 


Question #1:For those of you that have used the transcript entering service, would you recommend it? If not, what are your reasons?

-I am considering using the service simply because I feel that it would lower processing time (in case I make mistakes and everything has to be re-verified) but perhaps it could take longer this way? on the FAQ page, it says that 

UNDERSTAND: The entry service does NOT begin until your application is COMPLETE, at which point it may take up to ten (10) business days to complete the service. Your application is NOT entered into the verification queue until your coursework entry is approved, at which point your application goes to the end of the verification line where it may take up to an additional four weeks to be verified.

Is the additional 4 weeks something that every applicant is subject to, or only those that use this service?
Question #2: When filling out the "Shadowing" documentation on the CASPA application, how would you go about documenting time spent WORKING with a PA?
-I work with a PA on a daily basis as a medical assistant, therefore can i document all the working hours spent with a PA as shadowing hours?
IF NOT, how about the hours spent observing the PA that I work with while assisting in procedures? Would that count as shadowing since I am actively observing the PA, rather than working and doing my own thing?
Thank you guys so much in advance!!
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I'm not sure about your first question since I had no experience with it last cycle. It was pretty easy to put everything in manually in my opinion. Working with a PA and shadowing a PA are 2 different things. Yes, I understand you are observing a lot of what the PA does while you work, but you're not at his/her side for every minute he/she is there. I would definitely include that you work closely with a PA in your health care experience description though. It's also something to bring up in your interview if you lack significant shadowing hours.

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