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Unfortunate Pre-PA student here. Please give me some ideas.

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Hello all,


I am a senior student in college, and am on pre-PA track.


Something unfortunate happened to me last summer - out of nowhere I got a leg condition that is keeping me ALMOST on a wheelchair. I can walk or stand for no more than 2-3 minutes at a time. I use bike to go around college. I call it leg condition because I have checked with numerous doctors, and none of them see any abnormality in my leg... but my leg still hurts, and it is getting worse. This condition appears to be exactly similar to Osgood Schlatter's disease, but since I am 21, that disease would be technically impossible to occur on me.


So, why am I here?


I am here because I don't think I can gather enough work experience, and go through PA school and the rotations with my leg condition. I am not disabled technically, but practically, I am. I look just fine - I walk very slow, and the leg doesn't hurt at all when I am sitting down. But again, as soon as I get up to walk or stand, it hurts like hell. 


My question to you is: should I let PA plans go, and look for something else OR are there still options for me to push through my condition and still become a PA? Please be honest. If you think it's going to be too hard to become a PA in my situation, please say so. I want realistic answers because I will use this forum to make my decisions. Thank you!




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There's a guy 'Dancing With the Stars' who only has 1 leg and 1 arm. I think you'll be fine.


The gentleman you are referring to is Noah Galloway. Galloway started No Excuses Charitable Fund. (I like that name, don't you all?) Galloway lost two limbs while fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005


His mission is to empower injured veterans through support of physical rehabilitative actives. Source: Noah Galloway Charity

Galloway Heats Up


“I believe in being better, not bitter.” – Noah Galloway G3nDoQV.gifG3nDoQV.gif


Let NO ONE or anything stop you in what YOU want to do powdersnow and Good Luck!

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