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New Grad seeks advice on Geriatrics opportunity

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Hello all, I am a recent PA grad who is thinking about accepting an offer for a Geriatric Practice in Ohio. 


The offer:

Salary pay: $83,200 per yr ($40/hr)

Full benefits (401k that they give 3% toward, health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance.

7 paid holidays

PTO = 22 days annually

5 professional development days

$1500 CME

Malpractice coverage paid

Employment is 1.0 FTE



That is the current offer. The position is for office work and nursing home H&P's (helping out with the monthly visits and acute care visits).


Please let me know what you all think! I don't want to accept something that might seem good to me and turn out not to be!



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Reasonable offer, nursing home can be challenging but very lucrative, if you're spending a large amount of time there need to be paid significantly more.


 Most importantly, mentoring, geriatrics is not a field to go into without a good mentor.

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