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Advice needed on ARC-PA Visit

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I am a first year PA student and I just found out that I will be representing my program during a standard 7-yr ARC-PA site visit. I'm wondering if someone could shed some light on how this process normally goes. What types of questions are asked? I want to be prepared so I can be professional, yet honest. 

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Professional = honest.

I went through an ARC interview a few years ago with the program I am associated with.

A PA and a surgeon were the interview team. 

They had some directed questions towards individuals, other questions were posed to the group of us to each take a shot at.

ARC's responsibility is to ensure that the program is meeting standards and the students are getting what they paid for.

My take on the whole process was that there were no hidden agendas, no trick questions. Just some individuals all with similar goals discussing the program.

Good luck.

G Brothers PA-C

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