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2015-2016 Duke University Application Thread

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Just been accepted!!

Don't get so worried about stats! I see so many posts like this on the forum.  Duke especially looks at the applicant as a WHOLE.  Stats mean nothing if your personal statement/recommendations were re

Finally am under review... !!

Those of you that have been accepted, would you mind sharing your stats? Since it's hard to get feedback from admissions committees (I was Tabled after the interview) I figured I'd play the game of trying to figure out where I am falling short by comparing my stats to those of applicants that have been accepted. Maybe I can glean something and figure out how to improve if I have to apply again next cycle. Thanks so much, and congrats to all of you

How did you study for your interview? I'd say the stats they have posted online will give you the best representation. Duke if huge on looking at the entire application which is more than just stats.


I think if you made it to the interview, you clearly have the needed stats. How did your interview go? Did you sell yourself to the faculty, act professionally, did you put down any other professions, we're you late, did you not know how to answer questions, we're you confident, we're you entitled or egotistical? Think very hard about things like that. We're you friendly with the other candidates?

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I'd love to bring my fiance. Did it seem awkward that the boyfriend was there?


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You know now that I think about it there were actually 2 boyfriends there.  It didn't seem awkward to me.  It was slightly strange just at the very beginning (just for me) because I had never seen a significant other at an interview before.  But after a couple of minutes it was totally cool.  It helped that both boyfriends were very social.  All the Duke students and staff seemed perfectly comfortable with them being there.  The only way I think it would be awkward if if your fiance is bad in social situations or terribly shy.

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I considered bringing mine also, but decided against it. My boyfriend came with me to Durham but spent the day exploring the city while I was at the interview. I think I would have felt awkward having him there because no one else had their S/O with them. For me, it was for the best that he didn't come because it encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and interact with all of the other applicants rather than just talk to him throughout the morning. In the email they do encourage it though so there is obviously no problem with it on their end.

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Hey Everybody:


I'm late to this little forum shindig! I'll be interviewing at Duke on Tuesday January 12th. I'm really excited! :-D


I'm pretty sure I recognize a handful of usernames and faces from a thread at another school.


I accepted the Interview Offer the same day, and heard back from Wendy with confirmation the following morning. Still looking at travel arrangements.


Cheers & Good Luck to Everyone! :-D

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      Hi everyone! I knew that Duke's supplemental application would be a beast, but I was just curious if anyone had experience with the patient care and shadowing tabs? Here is what I am struggling with: 
      - PATIENT CARE: can the description be the same as on my CASPA? And what exactly should I be putting for the agreeable and disagreeable aspects of my responsibilities? 
      - Shadowing: can I put the same descriptions as my CASPA? 
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      Hi PAs as Pre-PAs: I am fortunate enough to say that I have a choice of PA programs to choose from- Emory and Duke. I have visited both schools during the interview, and both are impressive. I’ll be moving with my husband, who will need to find a job wherever we end up, and it seems like Atlanta may have more opportunities for jobs in his field (landscape architecture). I’m thrilled but a bit stumped as to which to choose. I’d sincerely appreciate some insight from those that are familiar with the programs. What would be on your pro and con list? Thank you!
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      As I come closer to making some tough decisions regarding programs, I am hoping to gather information and opinions from current students from the above programs or perhaps students who have interviewed at a combination of the above programs. More specifically, I am wanting to know if any students, interviewees, or alumni would be willing to share their personal experiences regarding 1) best and strongest aspects of the program 2) aspects that could be improved upon 3) level of support from faculty/program resources and 4) anything you were surprised about after matriculating into the program. I’d also like to know about any goofy things (location, parking, student perks) that you’d consider a plus or minus about the program. 
      I have interviewed and been accepted into two of these programs and interview at the third fairly soon. I really love each for different reasons...proximity to spouse, culture of the area, resources, etc., but find that having interviewed with so many programs back-to-back, I wish I would have conversed with current students during the interview day more extensively (interview and travel fatigue... 😶)
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      Thank you!
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      I know it is early in the cycle, but I figured I would start a thread! Who else is applying? I am hoping to submit by end of next week!
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