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2015-2016 George Washington University Application Thread

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Got an email just now saying that decisions were available on the portal. Accepted! :) I was so nervous when I got that email without the call that others have mentioned. Good luck to those still wait

I am also on the waitlist. Congrats to all those who have been accepted (and my fellow waitlisters!), you have truly accomplished as great feat! Does anyone know how many people are on the waitlist?

I was accepted and declined my seat today, best of luck to those of you on the waitlist!

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    • By aliss929
      I've been accepted at Emory and George Washington University. I already put a deposit down on Emory and the $1000 deposit for GWU (and decision) is due on Friday. I'm having a hard time deciding which school to choose. Both are ranked #4 by US News & World Report and are older, well-established programs. I'm running out of time to make my decision! 
      - 29 months, starting in August
      - slightly cheaper tuition than GWU
      - all classes taught separately from med students
      - had a wonderful interview experience, very impressed with faculty, students, and support staff
      - located in Atlanta (lower cost of living) 
      - 24 months, starting in May
      - have heard rumblings of problems within the program (professor fired after a semester of absenteeism)
      - some classes taught in conjunction with med students (but PA students given different exams)
      - used MMI, interview experience felt very impersonal 
      - located in DC, a city that I know and love, also have several friends in DC
      - would graduate/become a PA 8 months sooner (due to program start date and shorter program length 
      Any advice would be much appreciated. I am leaning towards Emory, based on my interview experience and information from Emory PA alumni. 
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