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2015-2016 Applications

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Somehow I accidentally added the same program to my list twice, and I can't delete the duplicate program from my list. So It has me owing more money for my application cycle since I have an extra program listed. I tried the incognito browser on Google Chrome and it still won't allow me to delete the duplicate program. I think I will call CASPA tomorrow and see if I can have them delete the duplicate entry.


Northwestern is not my top program, but it is in the top 4. I am looking at Yale, GWU, and Northwestern, and my home program as my tops. I am getting an MPH from George Washington right now, so I feel like that program is probably my best shot, since they offer the dual-degree option with an MPH. I feel like they will view the fact that I will have the masters in public health from their institution very favorably. That said, I would really like to live in Chicago and attend Northwestern. I think my stats are in their range, and the MPH will be meaningful to them too.


Are you applying to many other programs? Are you an in-state applicant?

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I called and said my app is still under review. Fingers crossed!


Well, if it is any consolation to you, my entire application for Northwestern was complete 06/10/15 and I was invited yesterday, 07/20/15 for the 08/12/15 interview date. Hang in there :)

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@ssherbutt I agree with Hermes, don't get down about the specifics of when you're invited and etc. There are a lot of factors that go into it, and they all differ from school to school, and none of us really know what goes on behind the scenes.


Just remember there are plenty of people who get rejected from first-round interviews, and plenty of people who get in from the last round of interviews.

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