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PAs working in NICU

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How did you get your start?

Did you start working in NICU immediately post grad?

Did you complete a residency?

Did you have NICU experience prior to becoming a PA?


All the positions I have seen posted require  1 or 2  years of experience.  NICU residencies are few and highly competitive. How do you get experience?

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I'm doing a NICU residency at the University of Kentucky. I started in November.

From what I've seen, most/all level III/IV NICU's require prior experience. Also, there is a much higher want for NNP vs PA. I think that is mostly due to the lack of awareness that PA's are now stepping into the field and completing residencies that make them more than capable of taking care of neonates. And I also think that this is an HR issue more than anything (job title says NNP, so they only look at applications that say NNP).

I didnt have NICU experience prior to becoming a PA, but I did do two months of rotations in the NICU during PA school.

The residency is an amazing experience and allows you the chance to be hands on. You do all of your procedures (intubations, LPs, umbilical lines, ect) and handle all of the patient care. Its a great learning environment.

All of the PA's I know working in the NICU completed a NICU residency.
Hope this helps!

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