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How does clinical year housing work?

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I have been precepting students from a local PA program for several years now.

Quite a few options that have been investigated and used.

Rural and remote rotations may offer local housing for students, either free or at a reduced rate.

Some students have rented rooms in homes for short periods of time.

If multiple students in an area for rotations, did short term rental with other students ie apartments, homes, hotels with suites that allow short and long term stays.

Couch surfed and crashed with family and friends locally.

I knew one student whom camped in a local camping resort, he rented a cabin with another student for the spring, summer and fall.

I have had students that have commuted back and forth daily, sometimes over an hour each way.

This is a great question to ask of a program at interviews.

There are some programs that require all rotations to be done within a certain catchment area of the program.

While this doesnt help a student whom wants to return home for a bulk of their rotations, it does make the housing situation during clinical year rather easy.

I did precept a student that got accepted to a program in Texas, not sure which one. What caused him to not accept their invitation was that housing in the local area was horrible, very expensive and not widely available close to campus. He would have had to commute an hour in to school from where he found affordable housing. So another aspect to be cognizant of.

Good luck.

G Brothers PA-C

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At my program, if the clinical site is over 50 miles from campus, the school provides and pays for student housing and also reimburses your gas money.

nice. when I was in PA school my program arranged housing and food for all 3 of my away rotations in residents quarters at the hospitals for free. I guess this is a lot less common now.

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