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2011-2012 Application Cycle for class of 2014

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I received an interview invite today. Im so happy

overall GPA:2.92 (should have gone up because I took a philosophy class and I am currently taking genetics)

science GPA: 2.85

400hrs of patient care experience (volunteer @ a hospital)

200hr of PA shadowing

800hrs of research as an undergraduate

800hrs of research in the industry

500hrs of volunteering with children with special needs

Mission trip to Costa Rica and Panama

Currently working as a Scientific Research Assistant for a medical device company in Research & Development, Microbiology (>1,000hrs)

Coauthor of 4 manuscripts

2 publishings

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The program website says that the estimated cost for 3 years of tuition/books/living/etc... is around $199,000! Can anybody confirm that this is true? That seems a little outrageous considering there are other PA programs that cost 50,000 for 2 years.


As for as I know, its true. Touro is notorious for being pricey. The numbers are disgustingly ridiculous. :(

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For those of you who emailed in your supplemental app, can you please explain to me what they mean by this "email your documents as a single file (not multiple pages"


there are multiple pages to the file....I am kinda confused! :\


it means that the supplemental app should be a single PDF file (it will have multiple pages inside the file). but they don't want each individual page of the supplemental app to be a separate PDF file. that make sense?

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Yes, makes perfect sense...thank you jordanknox21.


The payment site doesn't seem to be working for me...will try again later.


I couldn't pay the fee either, so I contacted Melanie Lim yesterday and she told me just to mail a $50 check payable to Touro University-CA

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For those of you who have submitted or are working on supplemental applications for Touro-CA, I have a question... The instructions for the personal questions (i.e. How do you see yourself using a Masters in Public Health upon graduation?) says to keep your answers for EACH QUESTION to a maximum of 500 words. I just finished answering all 3 questions, and my total word count for all 3 questions is about 600 words. Do I need to expand more on my thoughts? Or is it better to be short, clear, and concise?

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I haven't received a secondary yet. Is anyone else in the same boat? Submitted my caspa in early sept.


Don't worry if you haven't received a secondary yet. Those who got interviews were one of the first ones to sent their application out. If you sent it in early Sept you were probably with the bulk of applications and Touro needs to go through them all. I went to the info session and they said everybody who meets the minimum requirements will receive a secondary application.

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I have been calling, but nobody answers. I left a voicemail so hopefully they get back to me. Otherwise, I will be calling again tomorrow. I doubt I will be able to make it to Oct. 25th interview though b/c I have an exam on the 26th. But will shoot for one in early Nov. do you know what they will ask us?

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