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Since I value the opinions of everyone on these forums, I figured I'd ask about a potential FT job.  I am about to graduate with a BS and have currently 2000 hours of non-cert nurses aide psych experience and 1000 hours in clinical research.  Currently looking for a position after graduation that I can get with an EMT cert and that will give me good experience for applying to PA school in 2016.


I currently have an interview at a very presitigous hospital as a clinical care tech. The job description says it covers duties such as ambulating patients, providing assistance of daily living activities, EKG placement, vital signs, providing environmental support, and facilitating patient safety.


To me, this job description doesn't sound very involved.  I don't know what else I'm really expecting to see with a clinical tech position, but I wanted to know if anyone has worked in a job similar to this and how PA schools feel about this type of experience, if you think this will be enough or am I better off finding an EMT transport position rather than working in a hospital.  I'm interested in emergency med, but I wanted to stay broad and go for primary care for the time being, which was my justification for looking at in-patient tech jobs.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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I'm assuming that is basically an ER technician position? They go by many different names. If it's in the ER, that's a great opportunity that's worth exploring. 


I'm an EMT currently at a private ambulance company - we do a mixture of emergency responses and transfers. I'd much rather work in a hospital setting in an ER. 


If possible, try both. Get the tech job and try to get hired part time or per diem with an ambulance company. 

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This sounds more like a CNA/PCT position. 


If your goal is more EMS/ED type stuff, it might open some doors, but don't expect the same type of patients or challenges. Will you get better experience on an ambulance? Possibly, but it depends on the scope of an EMT in your state and the type of calls you run, so that is variable as well. As for HCE, tons of schools take it, so don't worry about that too much. 


Would it be my first choice, no. However, I started this trek in the volunteer FF/EMS side of the house and working as a CNA would drive me up a tree after doing protocol based care for so long. It might be a good place to start out, but don't stop challenging yourself if you feel you can do/learn more elsewhere.


Ask questions, see what the scope looks like, and most importantly, see if it is something you can see yourself doing day in and day out while occasionally learning about medicine. 

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