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Looking far into the future - Clinical rotations

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I live in Minnesota. I love it up here, but there are few PA school options that I am interested in. I am applying to one this summer (first attempt). If I don't get in, which is fairly likely, I will be looking at other schools (CASPA 2016) where I have housing options in order to cut down on cost. 


My dad has a house in Cape Coral and I was just down visiting. It's beautiful in the winter and I found doing my homework and studying by the pool enjoyable and productive.


In terms of clinical rotations at Nova-Naples (Fort Myers), do they tend to stay in Florida? Or have people had success returning to their home state? 

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That is NSU's policy (as you've seen on their website); HOWEVER, there are exceptions (I know a 2nd year who is returning to her home state for her clinical rotations), and another person in the entering class is making similar plans based on their career plans as a PA in another state.


Probably the biggest thing to know is that most of the onus is on you to find acceptable rotation sites and preceptors ... and you have to start the process early so that all the applicable arrangements can be made.  


(Note:  I start my program this May, so I don't have personal experience with this, just what I've learned from current and former students.)

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I believe all of the required rotations are to be done pretty locally, but many people go out of state for the last few rotations, meaning the last summer of school. I know of three people (at least) who are "going home" for their last rotations.

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