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I am the Object of My Pimp's Affection

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The misdiagnosis rate of appendicitis is 30-35% overall in pregnancy; the most common condition confused with appendicitis is pyelonephritis (Rosen's Emergency Medicine, 5th. Ed., pg. 2431). "


Kinda scary to think about... add that to the list of "things that I'd better be careful about or else I'll kill my patient" :eek:

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Guest rdennisjr

A bit late to the conversation but one question back....Augmentin is also a grand choice for foot puncture wounds....as it is for prophylaxis in cat bites of any type. Dog bites less concern due to the much much lower rate of infection...



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Hey Everyone!

This is a great thread---i'm lovin it. I used to get on this site everyday before PA school started (how easy life was...)-- i'm in my second semester now and its so encouraging to be able to read these questions and actually know what you guys are talking about--give me some time, i'll be able to throw and answer a couple too! (yes..without cheating!) jk CDT has become my best friend.




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Fatty liver of pregnancy has the same symtoms of preeclampsia - hypertension, edema, proteinuria. It also presents in the third trimester, like preeclamsia.


Is that what you were asking about?



Actually, I was looking for sometihng that liver failure (not associated with pregnancy) has in common with pregnancy in terms of what signs you would see on physical exam.


Sorry if the question was confusing! Thanks for guessing Angel.


Anybody else have a guess??



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Well Angel, I like being stumped too so thanks for playing along.


The answer is:

spider telangiectasias and palmar erythema


Sorry that I put on the hint that one of the commonalities had to do with fluid accumulation...I think that my brain is bewildered with so much studying today and I was thinking palmar edema, not erythema (duh)...sorry!


Good job though Angel on figuring out the spider telangiectasias. Like I said, obscure question, but definitely pimp-worthy! ;) I just found it interesting how much pregnancy can do to your body.


Anybody else got a question for us to figure out??



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Name the disease/process that these findings are characteristic/ pathognomonic for...


1. Potato Nodes

2. Cheese and ketchup

3. Anchovy paste abscesses

4. Currant jelly (2 different ones)

5. Strawberry tongue


1. Sarcoidosis

2. AIDS - cottage cheese and ketchup appearance of retina

3. Amebiasis

4. Stool appearance in intussusception & Klebsiella mucous (sputum)

5. Particularly in scarlet fever and Kawasaki disease

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Please excuse my tardiness... I'm trying to have a life while studying for a final and making room for all the fun here ;)


1. Potato Nodes = sarcoidosis

2. Cheese and ketchup = CMV retinits

3. Anchovy paste abscesses = Entamoeba histolytica liver abscesses

4. Currant jelly (2 different ones) = sputum in Klebsiella pnuemonia, intussussception

5. Strawberry tongue = Strep pyogenes pharyngitis, Kawasaki disease

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Name three abx (and their respective classes) that cause C diff colitis.


I had thought that all abx can cause pseudomembranous (C. difficile) colitis...is that not true?


That said, my guesses are:

ampicillin (penicillin)




I had only heard of ampicillin/penicillin, but I looked up the other 2 from various websites. (I know, cheating ;) )



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