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Ames, you are to good. It is Chiari Malformation. There are four types of hindbrain abnomalities associated with it: Compression of the brainstem at the foramen magnum, hydrocephalus, syringomyelia, and isolaton of intercranial pressure from the spinal compartment. Tx: Buff the pt., TURF to neurosurgery-- suboccipiatal craniectomy... ie make the foramen magnum bigger. Good Job.

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Pretty good folks!


Cell destruction leads to phospholypase---> aracodonic acid---two direstions


1-- cylooxegenase -- prostoglandins--interleuk 1 and 6/ TNF----> pain and fever


2-- lipooxegenase-- leukotrienes --inflamation.


actually all you need to know here clinically is that IBU obviously works on both tracks for inflamation and pain/fever and tylenol only works on direction "1" for pain and fever Right?


Read up on the aracodonic cascade. You guys are pretty good so far. The point of the above is sometimes a child will come into the ER with a crazy fever and you can hit them with both IBU and tylenol at the same time. There are some old fashioneed docs that will scream about this but there is certainly merit.

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What disease causes strawberry tongue (first with a white coating, then bright red), pharyngeal erythema/exudate, fever, sore throat, abdominal pain, a sandpaper rash, and facial flushing with circumoral pallor?


What is the treatment?


(BTW, I need to acknowledge the source of these questions... http://www.NCEMI.org. They have question of the day, eponym of the day, EKG of the week, x-ray of the week, photo of the week... fun way to not study for those pesky finals...)

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Superior thyroid artery (branch of external carotid)

Inferior thyroid artery (branch of thyrocervical trunk)

Thyroid "ima" artery (variable)


"The thyroid ima artery only occurs in 1-2% of the population as a persistent embryonic vessel. It is a single vessel that ascends within the superior mediastinum and root of neck to the inferior margin of the thyroid. It may originate from the:


* brachiocephalic trunk

* arch of aorta

* left common carotid artery"


REFERENCE for "ima" artery http:// http://www.gpnotebook.co.uk/cache/-1100283844.htm

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Are you looking for the tissue type that is arises from, or the a.a. they arise from. Anyways, I was tested on this on friday... The superior thyroid a. from the bifurcation of the internal/external/common carotid a.a., the infer. thyroid a. from thyrocervical trunk a., and for the 3rd one, I cannot find a 3rd one, Unless you are discussing the anterior/post. bifurcation at the thyroid of the sup. thyroid a. I dont see a third in Netter, Moore, or Chung. Hmmm I am stumped, well tommorow I will crack a neck open in cadaver lab and take a look.


Now my question to you: A 36 y/o f presents with yellow pigmentation of the skin and sclerae. She has an obstructive jaundice. Name a cancer that would cause the obstructive Jaundice. *Hint* Remember anatomy is in the details.

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Wow, I may have a long, long way to go to identify, diagnose and treat many illness, but I can spot a schizophrenic or bipolar faster than the blink of an eye and from a mile away. Just send all of your difficult patients my way. I love them.

I often have numerous medical professionals asking me how I can handle the mentally ill.

Oh, I think that is easy. I admit with all humility, I am a neophyte in medicine. I have a very long way to go to be able to rattle off anatomy, disorders or treatments given a thousand and one blinks of the eye.

LOL! :)

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Hi guys,

Well I opened several necks today, and only found 2 a.a., so none of my cadavers have an ima. Oh well.



If you want to get rid of athletes foot, well cut it off.... haha, or Lamisil. Tell the patients to keep their feet dry, change socks twice a day, ect. You want to prevent the fugal spores from reforming.

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