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Guest guthriesm

Does anyone else wish books could just be a little bit cheaper? Spring semester ran me over $600. Just bought my summer ones - got all the used ones I could (two new editions coming out...) and just shelled out nearly $750!


I love the internet and I feel like I got some good deals (14 books - only 3 new) but wow - I thought being a science major for undergrad was expensive!


I am trying to remind myself it is only 3 semesters of books (and I hope that Fall semester we will re-use some?) but *ouch*.

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One thing I have also noticed....the better paying the career the higher the books


As an english major I was looking at books as cheap as 5 dollars lol....moved to psych they were a bit more expensive....moved to science, even more expensive. I have a friend thats a nursing major and hers are even moe expensive (and larger)


I can only imagine my first semester :-(

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To follow up to the OP-- if you are buying 14 books for 1 semester... how much of those are you realistically going to read? The only books I bought in PA school were-an EKG book, ACLS, BDLS, peds blueprint, and thats about it. For rotations I'll buy a pance review book and the lange Q+A. Spending 700 on a bunch of books that you probably will never even get the chance to open is a waste of money imo.

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I ask the faculty to, whenever possible, use a book that is available from eBooks through our health center library. Many schools (?most; ?all) have access to textbooks and journals and databases (such as Up-to-Date and others) available through the school's library remote access, paid for through tuition dollars.


Why pay for textbooks when you can access the same or similar books online?


Just my passing thoughts.



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Guest guthriesm

I agree that I may not read each one cover to cover but I really do read my books- I've actually opened all of the ones from this semester. I know some people can get all they need just from lecture but I'm not that skilled.


I did buy them all on amazon and got most of them with free shipping. I know as a former science major, science books just plain get expensive but at $40-115 a book- it added up quick.

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